Spring Country Chic with eShakti | Sponsored Post

Lovlies! How are you doing? I knowwwww, it’s been too long, I haven’t posted in two months, but fear no more, I’m BACK!

So let’s jump right in! I’m finally employed, with 2 freelance gigs and a part-time job at Starbucks, making my favorite drinks of course and I’m also taking a fashion design class at a community college. As well I’m also in the works of starting my own consulting business, later this year. I guess you could say, that I’m back to being productive!

Honestly I am in a much better place mentally, and spiritually, not just because of the blessings, but because of how I’ve been handling life lately. I’m working on not being so uptight and wanting to be in control so much, and just learning to understand God’s purpose for my life.


Anyway, I was so happy that eShakti reached out to me again, I seriously love everything that they stand for-“Real Clothes for Real Women”. With eShakti, you can custom design your clothes based on your measurements along with adding other features, such as pockets, shorter or longer hems, etc. My measurements looked like this:

2017-04-05 (2)

So if you have the ability to take your own measurements, or need someone to do it for you, it’s pretty easy to plug them in and save to your account with them. I chose this dress because it’s perfect for the spring season, it’s the perfect length for me, as I’m 5’5, which is pretty average height.

I also adore the off-the shoulder and lace up details, that’s what really attracted me to choose this dress! I can dress it up with heels or dress it down with some cute and comfy sandals.



Style Details:

Dress- eShakti (it’s on sale now!)

Shoes- Shu Deal

Necklace- Burlington

Well that’s all for now, I promise to keep the content coming consistently, as I’m getting back on track with my life. Have a great day!

XOXO Spookieloo!



Easy Breezy



To date, this style is one of my favorites, especially living in Houston with its constant minute changing weather. On this particular day, it was a nice breeze so I opted for my favorite ripped jeans from New York and Company and this thrifted poncho top from Buffalo Exchange. As well my shoes are from Forever21 and are so comfortable and stylish too! My favorite part about this outfit, are the jeans because they are my size and I never would have thought to buy them from New York and Company. They also carry sizes up to 18 and are perfect for women who are bottom heavy, like myself, so check them out!


I don’t know about you, but I’m ecstatic about the different Spring styles for Plus Size women, I finally feel that our voices are being heard and that we are taking control of what we want to wear. No more covering up to hide our bodies because we are programmed to feel inadequate. There are clothes out there for us and we can be stylish too. I am motivated daily because I see women my size and bigger, embracing their hips, butt, thighs etc. and that truly makes me want to LOVE my body even more!



With this post, I am hoping to motivate and inspire ALL women of ALL sizes to let go of those negative thoughts of your body and just wear whatever the hell you want! Be funky, crazy, and different with your styles, it’s our time to shine!

Before I go, I want to know your thoughts on the different Spring styles for plus size women. Do you all know where to shop? What styles are you excited to embrace? Let me know 🙂 (Next post will be a round-up of places to shop!)