Summer Accessories Product Review with Leather Glitter

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How’s your week going so far? I hope well! Today I’m bringing you an awesome product review with Leather Glitter, a custom leather jewelry company, that makes the cutest accessories!

“Leather Glitter provides high quality handmade leather jewelry. All pieces are crafted from genuine cowhide and/or lambskin. Custom orders available!”

I am really excited to share this with you all, because summer is coming up meaning it’s time to shop for new and fun accessories! When I received the package it came in the cutest burlap, drawstring bag and brown tissue paper. I can definitely tell that love and passion were put into creating these beautiful pieces. Check out what I received complimentary, below!



Even my younger sister loved them! I let her try on these cute and simple black leather ones! Love the detail!



If you all are looking for ways to jazz up your accessories and support a small business please contact Leather Glitter here and follow them below on social media!


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Losing it: Why I want to be a Healthy Fat Woman

Hey yall, yes you read that title right, let’s chat about this idea of body shaming, which is getting on my damn nerves. About two weeks ago I saw Ashley Graham, plus-size super model, get ridiculed for “losing too much weight” on her Instagram, after reading comments of her followers saying that she “wasn’t the plus-size model they once knew” and how she is betraying everyone by being an active healthy woman, this led me to think about my issues with weight. *Cue the dramatic music*, I want to lose weight and I’m actually working towards losing 20-30lbs to get my health on track and to fit back into favorite booty shorts (I can’t zip those damn things up anymore lol).



But back to Ashley, I’ve observed some of the plus-size community bash these models for losing weight, especially when they become mainstream. I understand both sides of this argument but at the same time I’m irritated that plus-size women are body shaming each other because someone decides to lose weight or get fit and healthy. Fat women are constantly being shamed for their bodies, so what sense does it make to shame another fellow plus ally? Yall, let this lady live her life please!

In regards to my own body, I’ve been wrestling with this idea that if I choose to decide to lose weight and get healthier, I’d lose my following and possibly be shamed for wanting change my body. I’m wanting to change my health, because I want to live as long as I can without health issues interrupting me living my life to the fullest. My family has a long line of health issues in relation to being overweight, but they have all changed their lifestyles and now live fulfilling, healthy lives. Now I’m not saying that you have to be a certain size to enjoy life at all, I’m saying that this is my decision, and plus I can’t part away from my favorite blue jean booty shorts right now. I love my curves and personally believe you can have a healthy body with them, call me crazy but I want to be a healthy fat woman.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my body and all that it can do, I appreciate every roll, my big thighs and not-so-flat tummy. Is it so wrong to want to get back into being more active and healthy? I’d like to walk up and down stairs without getting out of breath and light headed, or get back to doing my favorite soccer drills without feeling like I’m going to pass out within 5 minutes. It’s evident that no matter what anyone does with their body, that everyone won’t be pleased by your decision to change it, but does it matter? No it doesn’t matter to me anymore, because at the end of the day it’s my body and I live in it, your opinion about Ashley Graham doesn’t stop her from living her life and neither will I. Stop body shaming.

I love a cute work out set!

I love a cute work out set!

My hope for this post was to open up the dialogue on how society, including the plus-size community, engages in constant shaming of people’s bodies, there’s already enough crap going on in the world, so lets chill out, ok?

As always, I appreciate you reading, let me know your thoughts on this subject and don’t forget to share, thanks!



A Natural Hair Style that will Fit Under Your Grad Cap: Collab w/ Fresh Kinks

Graduation is vastly approaching…

Which means that everything in life wants to happen all at once; the intense search for credible decent paying jobs, going on endless interviews, keeping up with the last of bit of school work and trying to not slip into the ever-so-tempting senioritis (consisting of nonstop Netflix binges and sleeping all day).

Aside from all of that, I teamed up with my “Blogger Bestie” Rachael of Fresh Kinks, on grad looks that work for natural hair. Because let’s face it, these caps weren’t made to fit our glorious crowns of hair! With our step-by-step approach, we were able to achieve these easy and cute looks, for your big day!















So at this point, I sectioned my hair into 3 parts; 2 on the sides and 1 on top. Next I started my braid from the left side and did another one on the right. After braiding both pieces, I combined both braids into one to give it an effortless look. Although I thought about getting weave for this big day, I remembered where I lived- in Hot Houston, TX. And there’s definitely no way I’m going to wear my fro out, so that I can turn into a Sweaty Betty. This style needs some prep work, such as blowing it out the night before and conditioning it.












Remember those sections we parted in the previous steps? Well now we’re going to split the top section into 2 more parts and use a flat-iron to curl them. You can use any heat protector for this step too. Now let’s change this shirt and put this whole look together!










1Pinterest Collage

This style is perfect for my graduation, especially since it’ll be in the middle of the day (prime time for the heat and humidity). I wanted to straighten it, but by the time I walk across the stage my hair will revert back into a fro causing me to sweat and feel uncomfortable. As well I love that I didn’t need many hair products to get this style, it’s effortless and still has that “special day” factor. Thank you for reading, and also don’t forget to head over to Fresh Kinks for more hair inspo!

Congrats Grads!

Products Used:

Lotta Body Wrap Me Foaming Mousse

Fructis Extreme Control Anti-Humidity Spray

Pink & Purple Flat Iron

Wide Tooth Comb


Tapping into Your Sexy (Sponsored Post )

What if I were to tell you, that you’re sexy? How would you feel? Would you shy away from the compliment? I find myself often downplaying it when people compliment me on my looks. No one wants to ever seem vain, but I don’t think that’s the point. I never considered myself “sexy”, since most of the time I’d just see myself as the frumpy girl with bushy hair and glasses. I’m still that girl about 85% of the time, but lately I’ve been feeling “myself”. I don’t mean sexy in just what I’m wearing but in how I feel about me, how I walk with my head held high and do what makes me happy. I’m to the point where I have fully accepted my body. I’m in awe of what it looks like  sometimes; I love my rolls, large thighs, how I look in my clothes and my smile. There is nothing wrong with loving everything about yourself, I mean you have one body, so you might as well love it!

I’m more confident in my appearance than ever, because it pleases ME and I could care less of anyone’s opinion on what I should wear. With this positive attitude towards my self image, I was elated that 247 Jewelry Store reached out to me and sent clothes that I normally would shy away from. I especially loved how this 2 piece set complimented my shape and my butt looks amazing ! (lol) Both pieces can be worn with other styles, so the versatility is another bonus too.










Lovelies, I want you to know that YOU can be sexy at any size and shape. Don’t allow these set beauty standards to take away your greatness.


Thanks for reading!
Style Details:
Black and White 2 piece set: 247 Jewelry Store
Black Strappy heels: Agaci

Diana Ross Style Inspiration

I’ve been playing around with my style for a bit now and I must say it’s been quite the journey, I’m still trying to grow into “my signature” style. For the most part I shop just about anywhere that has a great bargain and fits me well, so when I stumbled on this special piece I had to grab or ask my mom for it. See, we went thrifting a year ago and both fell in love with this sparkly, black and gold top, it was definitely from the 80s I’m sure. Although it was hard getting it back from my mom, it was worth the distance, I’ve never loved a piece as much as this one. I finally got the top back in my possession and styled it with some inspiration from Miss Diana Ross herself.


Her style is iconic and her essence was truly felt while styling this outfit. I love that she was bold and unforgiving in her style, whatever she wore she made sure you knew she was present. That’s my approach in life at this point, I’m here honey, with big hair and sparkles! Studying her style has allowed me to dig deep and embrace who I am and to love the growth of it. I enjoy being able to add certain elements to my style now, especially with my afro, it’s a part of me and shows that I’m proud of who I am.



I want to thank Tomayia Colvin Photography for catching this image and “pulling the fierceness” out, sometimes it’s hiding so when I get the chance to let it out, I roll with it.

I hope you all found this post enjoyable and to remember to embrace your style wherever you are in life. You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with.

With Love,


Event Recap: Naturally Happy Hair Presents: Beautique Hop, The Ultimate Shopping Party

The Ultimate Shopping Party!

The Ultimate Shopping Party!


When I was presented with the opportunity to attend Naturally Happy Hair’s Beautique Hop , I was instantly intrigued by its name and the agenda of the event . A  few days before the event, I read up on Naturally Happy Hair and knew it would be something positive and fun! The event was organized by  Naturally Happy Hair Magazine Co-founders, Crystal Knight and Chimere Norris (very sweet ladies by the way) who thought of an interesting concept of “Beautique” hopping, to explore Houston’s best boutiques. Amazing, right?!

First Stop: The Ultimate Dressing Room

Our first boutique stop was at my first internship, The Ultimate Dressing Room . I walked inside, signed in for the event and was given a gift bag, along with delicious bites and mimosas. As I walked around, I spotted the owner; Sumptuous Sulay, greeting everyone and making them feel welcomed in her boutique. I was able to catch up with her too! Did I mention there was also complimentary eyebrow threading and we were given a 15% off discount? From the minute I walked in I was treated like a queen and welcomed with open arms.

The Lovely Owner of The Ultimate Dressing Room looking Fabulous!

The Lovely Owner of The Ultimate Dressing Room looking Fabulous!

Serious and fun shopping going on at our 1st stop!

Serious and fun shopping going on at our 1st stop!

Some of the Beautique Hoppers fueling up with a light brunch and mimosas

Some of the Beautique Hoppers fueling up with a light brunch and mimosas













Around 11:30 am, more women started to come in and the energy was picked up as they shopped and chatted with one another. Soon after that, Crystal and Chimere announced that it was time to start loading up in the charter coach that was provided to take us to each boutique. All the ladies gathered their items and we were on our way to the second stop; Obsidian Beauty Supply. During the bus ride, everyone introduced themselves so we could better connect and enjoy the trip. Along the ride we played fun games and received great giveaways, from Jessi Curl , Nothing but Hair , Eden Body Works,  and Salon De La Soul Sister . Crystal and Chimere definitely took every aspect of the event into consideration, especially with the delicious hors d’oeuvres and cocktails that kept everyone happy!


Second Stop: Obsidian Beauty Supply

Obsidian Beauty Supply, not your average store!

Obsidian Beauty Supply, not your average store!

We arrived at our second stop, Obsidian Beauty Supply , owned by Leslie Phillips. This wasn’t your average beauty supply store… we were instantly greeted by the pink and bright exterior, upbeat music and great customer service. The variety of products allowed for a great shopping experience. The staff was knowledgeable about everything from skin to natural hair products- which I normally don’t receive when shopping in other stores. I can also say I appreciated the attentiveness Ms. Phillips gave to us Beautique Hoppers, she made us feel welcomed and gave us 15% off on her store products (I just love deals on hair products), and even with the deal she gave us, the regular prices were still reasonable (So I’ll definitely be making another trip). Walking around the store, I felt that it was more boutique style than just a regular store because we were provided hands-on service in a fabulous environment. As we said our goodbyes and headed to the bus, gift bags were given out with sample products on behalf of the boutique.

Obsidian Beauty Supply owner, Leslie Phillips and I, she was so nice!

Obsidian Beauty Supply owner, Leslie Phillips and I, she was so nice!

Inside of Obsidian Beauty Supply

Inside of Obsidian Beauty Supply











Third Stop: Melo Drama Boutique!

Arriving back in the historical museum district, Melo Drama Boutique  was our third stop. I’ve driven by this place a few times and never had time to stop by, so I was especially excited that we stopped here. Entering the boutique the vibe screamed high-fashion and uniqueness. On top of the amazing environment, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner; Jackie Adams, that made my visit even more exciting. Her personality added even more essence to the boutique’s chic and cool atmosphere. This particular boutique offered image and styling consultations for women looking to spruce up their wardrobes., I can’t wait to go back and explore more of Melo Drama! I was also impressed by the stylish clothing in the store as well, a few of my favorite pieces were the bold colored and printed maxi dresses (definitely a must have for the Spring/Summer season).

Jackie Adams, MeloDrama Boutique Owner, I LOVED her sweater!

Jackie Adams, MeloDrama Boutique Owner, I LOVED her sweater!

MeloDrama Boutique

MeloDrama Boutique












Last Stop: Heiress Boutique!

Last but not least, we arrived at Heiress Boutique  located on Westheimer road. This boutique was the epitome of a fabulous and sexy lifestyle, even their casual clothes had an edge to them! I loved the bright and fun colors of the body con dresses, which are perfect for this season of club and party nights! Did I mention Mercedes, the owner was generous in giving us, Beautique shoppers, a 25% off discount? (*faints*, ok I’m up) Yes she did and I ended up buying this cute, neon green infinity scarf that I cannot wait to pair with pieces in my wardrobe! If you want a sexy look for Spring, I highly suggest taking a visit to Heiress Boutique! You’ll be treated like royalty with great customer service in a pretty environment!

Heiress Boutique!

Heiress Boutique!

Pretty and Pink at the Heiress Boutique!

Pretty and Pink at the Heiress Boutique!












To wrap up the Beautique Hop, all the ladies boarded the charter coach and played one last game for the grand prize of a $50 gift card. Throughout the event, if you bought something from each boutique, you were given a ticket and at the end, the ticket numbers were called out. I ended up winning a super cute “Born this Way” shirt from Naturally Happy Hair and I was “naturally happy” for sure. Not only were the products great, but I was truly impressed and grateful for the opportunity to attend this event. It was fun and I met some amazing women who are strong leaders in our communities. The part that stood out to me the most, was the celebration of the boutique owners. They were all African American women who truly worked hard to accomplish their dreams. Personally, I was inspired throughout this whole event. It encouraged me to further believe in myself and my dreams. I want to thank all of the ladies I met at the event, especially Crystal Knight and Chimere Norris of Naturally Happy Hair.

More Pictures of Beautique Hop:

Loving all the Bold accessories from The Ultimate Dressing Room!

Loving all the Bold accessories from The Ultimate Dressing Room!

Obsidian Beauty Supply provided an amazing experience with great products and gifts!

Obsidian Beauty Supply provided an amazing experience with great products and gifts!


Fell in love with these Spring dresses, bright colors and bold prints!

Fell in love with these Spring dresses, bright colors and bold prints!



Some of the Beautique Hoppers trying on clothes from MeloDrama

Some of the Beautique Hoppers trying on clothes from MeloDrama

Complimentary Eyebrow Threading at the Beautique Hop

Busy day at MeloDrama Boutique, along with complimentary eyebrow threading from Shaheen Kasam




So what did you think Heiress Boutique's Favorite color was ?

So what did you think Heiress Boutique’s Favorite color was ?

More Shopping at Heiress Boutique!

More Shopping at Heiress Boutique!

All Smiles on this bus ride!

All Smiles on this bus ride!

Want to go to the next Beautique Hop? Sign-Up for more information at Naturally Happy Hair, you don’t want to miss the next one!