Summer Accessories Product Review with Leather Glitter

Hey Loves!

How’s your week going so far? I hope well! Today I’m bringing you an awesome product review with Leather Glitter, a custom leather jewelry company, that makes the cutest accessories!

“Leather Glitter provides high quality handmade leather jewelry. All pieces are crafted from genuine cowhide and/or lambskin. Custom orders available!”

I am really excited to share this with you all, because summer is coming up meaning it’s time to shop for new and fun accessories! When I received the package it came in the cutest burlap, drawstring bag and brown tissue paper. I can definitely tell that love and passion were put into creating these beautiful pieces. Check out what I received complimentary, below!



Even my younger sister loved them! I let her try on these cute and simple black leather ones! Love the detail!



If you all are looking for ways to jazz up your accessories and support a small business please contact Leather Glitter here and follow them below on social media!


Thanks for reading loves!

A Natural Hair Style that will Fit Under Your Grad Cap: Collab w/ Fresh Kinks

Graduation is vastly approaching…

Which means that everything in life wants to happen all at once; the intense search for credible decent paying jobs, going on endless interviews, keeping up with the last of bit of school work and trying to not slip into the ever-so-tempting senioritis (consisting of nonstop Netflix binges and sleeping all day).

Aside from all of that, I teamed up with my “Blogger Bestie” Rachael of Fresh Kinks, on grad looks that work for natural hair. Because let’s face it, these caps weren’t made to fit our glorious crowns of hair! With our step-by-step approach, we were able to achieve these easy and cute looks, for your big day!















So at this point, I sectioned my hair into 3 parts; 2 on the sides and 1 on top. Next I started my braid from the left side and did another one on the right. After braiding both pieces, I combined both braids into one to give it an effortless look. Although I thought about getting weave for this big day, I remembered where I lived- in Hot Houston, TX. And there’s definitely no way I’m going to wear my fro out, so that I can turn into a Sweaty Betty. This style needs some prep work, such as blowing it out the night before and conditioning it.












Remember those sections we parted in the previous steps? Well now we’re going to split the top section into 2 more parts and use a flat-iron to curl them. You can use any heat protector for this step too. Now let’s change this shirt and put this whole look together!










1Pinterest Collage

This style is perfect for my graduation, especially since it’ll be in the middle of the day (prime time for the heat and humidity). I wanted to straighten it, but by the time I walk across the stage my hair will revert back into a fro causing me to sweat and feel uncomfortable. As well I love that I didn’t need many hair products to get this style, it’s effortless and still has that “special day” factor. Thank you for reading, and also don’t forget to head over to Fresh Kinks for more hair inspo!

Congrats Grads!

Products Used:

Lotta Body Wrap Me Foaming Mousse

Fructis Extreme Control Anti-Humidity Spray

Pink & Purple Flat Iron

Wide Tooth Comb


Resisting the Urge to Conform









Ever since I started dressing myself at the tender age of 7 years old, I have never matched, in fact I would always purposely mismatch my clothes to express how different I was. I didn’t understand the importance of doing that, until now. In a society where trends define who some people are, it’s difficult sometimes to remain, well different. Lately, I have been thinking how I want to live my life. especially since I’m about to graduate college in May. It’s so easy to just want to conform and do what everyone else does, but is that any fun? Nah. I have made my mind up that I’m going to live my the way I see it; no more saying yes to everyone’s request, no more confusing being busy with living a productive life and certainly no more comparing my body to others. I take this approach to my style as well, I like to think that the younger Jasmine remained true to her style, and that makes me smile from ear to ear. I have never dressed to get validation from other people, I’ve always dressed according to what I felt was right within myself. The ripped jeans I have on, are my favorite, I got them from New York & Company a couple years and later decided to cut them up. And those bright shoes? I’ve had my eye on them, they meshed perfectly with this edgy, casual look.

Anyway, there was this book I read last year called You are a Badass: How to stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life,”  that woke me up to how I approached life. One quote that stuck with me was that “Our subconscious mind, on the other hand, is the non-analytical part of our brain that’s fully developed the moment we arrive here on earth.” That’s how I want to live my life, I’m usually overthinking something and that is not a healthy way to go about living life. I want to embrace where I am in life, even though I am not certain of where I’ll end up next, I will not conform to that way of thinking anymore.

Thanks for reading loves.

Style Details:

Ripped Skinny Jeans- New York & Company

Olive Green Sweatshirt- Forever 21 Plus

Neon Colored New Balances- Journey’s

Gold Rope Necklace Chain- Fresh Kinks

Cheetah Print Scarf- Charlotte Russe

Gradient Round Sunglasses- Forever 21

Photography by- It’s Sofia Emm

Hey, Big Sexy!















I remember one day I was walking down the street, minding my own business, when all of a sudden some man yelled out “Hey big sexy! I see yah!” I kept walking and rolled my eyes in irritation. Why was this grown man yelling at me across the street? I was in my own world, doing me, I didn’t need anyone’s input on my appearance…

Lately I’ve been thinking about embracing my definition of sexy, whenever I see hear or see the word, it’s usually associated with people who don’t look like me. I never thought of myself as being sexy, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when describing my style. The mere thought of it is daunting, and forces me to be vulnerable which is something I never do.  Embracing my femininity at this point in my life is important, I’m slowly becoming who I was meant to be. I personally don’t believe you have to show off your whole body to be “sexy” but I do love adding subtle touches, such as the black tights to my tomboy style.

Now that I’m 23 and a little more well versed in life, it’s become easier to accept my body for what it is at this moment. I have grown to love the rolls on my back, my dimpled thighs and my not-so-flat stomach. Although I still don’t like it when guys yell “Hey big sexy” or anything else, I also don’t cringe as much when I hear it.

What’s your definition of sexy?

Style Details: 

36 Jersey- H&M “Divided Men”

Black Boots- Call it Spring

Blue Cuff- H&M

Control Top Black Tights- Walmart

Mirrored Cat Eye Sunglasses- Forever 21

Styled by Mikayla Berry (Sister)

Photo Credit: It’s Sofia Emm Photography 

Why I joined Houston African American Bloggers

Good evening lovelies!

Hope your week is going great, school has started and everyone is back on their grind, I know for me this past week has been busy; school, work and the blog life. That’s what I want to share with you all tonight actually; my membership in the Houston African American Bloggers network and why I joined.


I joined this group to connect with more bloggers and to grow with a community that shares similar blog lifestyles. Blogging for me has become apart of my life and knowing that there’s a group of people who look and think like me, is a recipe for success; success for ALL of us.  As well, I’m living independently, so being in a group like this helps with making friends and keeps me accountable for updating my blog.

This group has helped me become prouder of what I’m doing, I don’t just think of myself as a blogger, I see myself as a positive infleuncer for social change. As my focus for my personal blog is plus size fashion, I learn a lot from being in a network with other bloggers. I’ve learned about protecting your blog and work, what opportunities are worth taking and how to balance my life with creating fresh and new content for my readers.

I encourage those wanting to start a blog or already have one, to join a local or national blog network, trust me  it’s better to have support than going into this lifestyle alone.  Having that satisfaction of being a part of something meaningful makes life pretty fun! Blogging is an outlet for me to voice how I feel in this crazy world we live in, and being able to share my thoughts freely in this group makes me stronger in my beliefs.

Well that’s all for tonight folks! Be on the look out for my next post on “Independent Living as a Millennial” in the next week!

Rooted: Fro Butter “Jamaican Black Castor Oil” Product Review (Sponsored Post)

Hey loves! So it’s definitely been awhile since I’ve posted, but that doesn’t mean I forgot about you amazing readers! I took a much needed break to refresh myself and focus more on my internship. If you all follow me on social media, you know that I just graduated from the Nordstrom Internship Program! As well I had to get my school stuff together, since this is OFFICIALLY my last year, I literally have 8 classes until graduation!

Ok, enough about my break, lets get to business!

This past week, I received the chance to review a natural hair product from Fro Butter. This company focuses on using 100% organic ingredients for their hair care products, as well both owners Caroline and Susana are firm believers in using natural herbs, oils and spices for all types of remedies, including hair.


The product I tried was the Jamaican Black Castor Oil, the uses for this product is to thicken your hair and moisturize it. What I also loved about this product, was that it conditioned it and added shine, something that I’ve been looking for in hair products. My hair loves to soak up everything that I put into it, especially in the summer! With my hair being color treated at the moment (I love adding color to it), it helps that the castor oil protects and moisturizes my roots too.

Caring for a natural afro like mine, it’s just as important as to how you apply the product, with any oil that I use (whether it’s in a cream or loose oil form) I apply it to washed, clean hair. I let my hair air dry for about 10 minutes , section it off into 4 parts while it’s still damp, massage the oil from root to end and proceed with my twist out. There is no way I’d do my hair dry, even if I had oil in it, there would be breakage and that just hurts!

Anyway, below is a picture of a simple twist-out that I did on my hair, using the Jamaican Black Castor Oil and my styling cream. After twisting my hair, I slept with my satin bonnet to keep those roots moist and neat for the morning take down.


I was really impressed at how voluminous my hair was, and the moisture retention was great too! Now since this product has 100% organic ingredients in it, my scalp tingled a little when I went outside, my hair tends to do that when I try new products. Overall I enjoyed using it and will implement it into my hair regimen to keep my roots moistened; it smells great too!

Benefits of Jamaican Black Castor Oil:

  • Increases hair growth and moisture retention
  • Thickens hair that starts to thin
  • Reduces and prevents hair damage
  • Eliminates dry hair
  • Makes the hair fuller and shinier
  • Deeply conditions and moisturizes hair and scalp
  • Prevents dry scalp
  • Boost your hair’s overall health

Since my hair needs constant moisture, I would suggest massaging your scalp twice a week; at the beginning of the week and at the end, it just depends on how your hair takes oil.

More pictures of the product:












Thanks loves! Connect with Fro Butter to see which product is right for you!


Diana Ross Style Inspiration

I’ve been playing around with my style for a bit now and I must say it’s been quite the journey, I’m still trying to grow into “my signature” style. For the most part I shop just about anywhere that has a great bargain and fits me well, so when I stumbled on this special piece I had to grab or ask my mom for it. See, we went thrifting a year ago and both fell in love with this sparkly, black and gold top, it was definitely from the 80s I’m sure. Although it was hard getting it back from my mom, it was worth the distance, I’ve never loved a piece as much as this one. I finally got the top back in my possession and styled it with some inspiration from Miss Diana Ross herself.


Her style is iconic and her essence was truly felt while styling this outfit. I love that she was bold and unforgiving in her style, whatever she wore she made sure you knew she was present. That’s my approach in life at this point, I’m here honey, with big hair and sparkles! Studying her style has allowed me to dig deep and embrace who I am and to love the growth of it. I enjoy being able to add certain elements to my style now, especially with my afro, it’s a part of me and shows that I’m proud of who I am.



I want to thank Tomayia Colvin Photography for catching this image and “pulling the fierceness” out, sometimes it’s hiding so when I get the chance to let it out, I roll with it.

I hope you all found this post enjoyable and to remember to embrace your style wherever you are in life. You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with.

With Love,