“The Prodigal Experience”



Have you ever experienced a time where you felt lost and confused? I’m sure we have all gone through times of confusion about who we are and what our purpose is. Yesterday I had thought-provoking conversation with a family friend, that inspired me to write this post. Our conversation was about how I chose to come back home with my family, to figure out my life and to feeling like a failure because of that.

See, before moving back home to Dallas, I was in living independently in Houston; I had graduated, and ended up getting a job that I thought was for me, but soon found out that it wasn’t. The company let me go, and I of course wanted to know why because I thought that I was doing my very best…

I was there for exactly a month, and honestly felt like I didn’t belong, I wasn’t sure of my responsibilities at all. I thought that I was just being irrational, so I pushed those thoughts out and tried to keep the best attitude about my new position. The day I got fired was already crap, and I worked a full day *rolls eyes*. I was called into the conference room and let go within 10 minutes. I cried, I mean ugly cried in front of someone who possibly could have cared less about my well-being. I cried because I knew that I couldn’t fight what wasn’t meant for me anymore; it was time for me to go back home and re-access my life.


My “Prodigal” experience, stems from a biblical story, The Prodigal Son, in which one of the younger sons has to return home after using up all of his inheritance. The father openly embraces and celebrates his son’s return, as he was “lost” and is now “found”. I didn’t have the inheritance to blow, but I did have to return home to get back to my purpose, to get myself together. As I’ve discussed in previous posts, you have to focus on your own path, what’s meant for you, is ONLY FOR YOU.

The conversation that I had with my family friend stuck with me because I knew in my heart of what I was capable of. My friend’s reassuring words, spoke life into me, so much that I am confident in God’s plan for my life. I am not exactly sure of what’s to come, but I am expecting great things. I’ve already been blessed in ways I couldn’t imagine and 2016 isn’t over! Won’t he do it!


I’m completely open to goodness and the blessings that are prepared for me. I pray that you received something good from this post and that 2017 is good to you.

Thanks for reading loves!


Adventure Time at the Universoul Circus


how to DIY (1)


Houston, TX-Aug. 9th, 2016- This past Tuesday, I was invited to experience the Universoul Circus at Butler Stadium. I’m not going to lie, this was my second circus experience and I seriously felt like a kid again. With all of the lights, amazing music and interactive performers, I literally was in awe the whole time. I truly enjoyed the diversity of the performances too, they were from all over the world; Trinidad, Colombia, China, Ethiopia and the U.S. !

Even if you’re an adult like me or have younger children, this circus is for everyone looking for a great time!




My senses were on overload, all of the colors, sounds, and the performers flying in the air really put me in a state of giddiness. I hope one day you’re able to experience my joy. Thanks for reading!

*Tickets were sponsored by Universoul Circus*


My Worth and My Degree- Is it Worth it?

So it’s late as I write this, precisely 12:28 am as I sip this wine called “Blush”. I am nearing the end of my undergraduate career in the next 2 weeks, which brings me to the topic of my worth in relation to earning a college degree…

Yall, I’m trying to be transparent, this is hard to write as I am in a vulnerable spot (black women can vulnerable right?). I honestly feel as if I should be happier than I am, that I am almost done with college, but yet I’m stuck in limbo about finding a job and hell, finding my damn self. For the past year, I have reflected on this college journey and wondered if it was worth the fighting financial aid, parents, begging professors to bump up your grade so you don’t lose your financial aid so that you don’t get kicked out of school. Who the hell was supposed to tell me this shit would happen? Who would tell me that I had mental breakdown and ended up in the psych ward of the hospital my sophomore year? Who would tell me that I would flunk out, and have to sit out one semester to reevaluate my damn life. Who would tell me that my GPA is the gateway to a better job for a better life? Who?

I know, that’s a lot to unload, but I am tired yall. I’m trying to understand if college was worth all of this strife. This certainly is not to sway anyone from pursuing a higher education, but more to share with you all what comes with it. You will sacrifice sleep, sanity, pursuing your real passions…I say that last part because I had to hold off on what I truly wanted to do, and to be honest I don’t need a degree to live in my creativity. I don’t. What you’re born to do is not something that needs to be constantly taught in a classroom, it’s something that is within you, something that is meant to be shared. Can I say that I don’t like school that much lol?

Anyway guys and gals, that’s my millennial rant.This is what I’m currently going through. Will I get a great job, that pays me well to live comfortably? Will I get this degree that somehow shows my worth? Will I overcome this hurdle? I’m still growing and developing, so I do not have all the answers. I just want to make it across the stage.

Love ya babes.




Spotlighting Entrepreneurs Series: Chef K9 of Kick Back Texas

Good afternoon lovelies! I am happy to share with you all my new series of showcasing young entrepreneurs, who are working diligently towards their passions and breaking the mold of what a young millennial should look like. Seeing others my age and older pursue their dreams is inspiring and motivates me to continue on my path and to explore what I love doing. I hope you all enjoy this interview series, as I want to bring together entrepreneurs in uplifting each other to keep grinding!

Please welcome Local, Houston Chef and Caterer, Keenan Thomas of Kick Back Texas:


JB: Tell us a little about yourself, any quirky hobbies? Where are you from?

KT: My name is Keenan Thomas, best known as Chef K9, I’m From Houston Texas , 24 years young with amazing energy and I’m very ambitious. I like to cook,  paint, freestyle amongst friends and come up with great ideas that seem too crazy to comprehend. A lot of people tell me I have an old soul. Mainly because when it comes to feeding friends and family, they can’t leave my house without eating, lol

 JB: How did you start cooking/catering?

KT: I started cooking at the age of nine. I was in my grandmother’s kitchen, she got me started early! My first dish I made was eggs and rice. She always would make that for breakfast, sometimes dinner. Eggs and rice got us through some tough times if you know what I’m saying. She showed me how to make it. Over time I began to add my own flair to it. By age twelve I started making own recipes. I pitched an idea to my uncle about a buffalo wing that was like no other. A turkey wing that was tossed with buffalo sauce. I gave it a name and everything, it was called Buff Buffalo Wings. My uncle gravitated to the idea and acted fast on it. That night he made it for the family and raved over it. Really I was just a kid playing with my food. Where I realized that this was something that I was destined to do, was in the 11th Grade around testing time. All the kids at the school would go to this sandwich shop in the morning for breakfast until the staff put an end to the kids walking off campus. So a bulb clicked in my head like I should do this. So I hopped on it. That day I told my fellow class mates that I would be having pre-ordered breakfast sandwiches for sell and collected my money. I had about 30 orders that one day spent about 20 dollars on the items and sold them for 3 dollars each. That was 40 dollars a day for the rest of the testing week. I profited almost 180 dollars that week off something I didn’t mind doing for free. That was how I first got into catering and knew this was something for me.


JB: What’s the meaning behind “Kick Back Texas”?

KT: Kick Back Texas is a way to bring like-minded people together through food, it’s a way that people can network among others knowing that there is enough for everyone to eat.  It’s a way that the business individual can have a good time. Kick Back Texas hosts creative events and creates the environment. We strive to make your experience a moment to remember. We make sure that your five senses are pleased. As well, Kick Back Texas makes sure that you hear good music, that you see the vision come alive, feel good vibrations and smell and taste great food. We’re a Foodies Six Flags!


JB: What are your future plans for your business? Do you plan to go global?

KT: I want to travel the world with my brand. My goal is for every house hold to be able to know what Kick Back Texas is. I would only like for this brand to be in Texas. I want it to be known globally but only located in here to make it more valuable, such as making a trip to Six Flags. My ultimate goal is to invest into other businesses and give back to people by opening up a creative center for kids, to expand their creativity. When I was a kid, I think it would have molded me better if I had a place to express my creative side. That’s what I want to give back to the youth.


JB: What inspires you on a daily basis to grow your business?

KT: To see people try my food for the first time and see the joy it brings them.


JB: Being an entrepreneur, what makes you different from your competitors? How do you approach competition?

KT: I’m my only competition. I’m competing with yesterday, trying to out do tomorrow. What makes me different as an entrepreneur, is that I don’t really focus on others and what they are doing, because my brand is a piece of art and if I get off track I lose focus of the vision.


JB:What’s your favorite meal to cook or eat?

KT: That’s a tough question, but if I had to say my favorite would either be shrimp and grits or eggs and rice. My favorite food type has to be Asian. I could eat it everyday!


JB:Now it’s your turn to say anything you would like, whether it’s advice, a favorite quote, etc.

KT: Perfect Your Recipe!

WARNING: All of these food pictures will make you hungry!









                                                                                                *All photos have been linked to their original source*

As always, I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. If you’re looking to connect with Chef K9, please check out his Facebook and Instagram page to book your future catering needs!

Bra Fitting Adventures w/ Livi Rae Lingerie!


This past week, I had the pleasure of experiencing a true bra fitting session, with Houston’s Livi Rae Lingerie Rep, Alicia Waiters. Now in my past bra experiences, I never took the time and effort to get fitted (I know that sucks, right?!) because I wasn’t truly educated on the anatomy of bras and our breasts. Your undergarments as a whole, can make or break your outfit, whether you’re at work or going out for the night. I learned through my bra fit session, that the right fit gives you more confidence in your posture and how you feel in your clothes. Who doesn’t want to feel confident everyday in their clothes?!

How the session works:

  • Book your appointment w/ a mobile bra fitter
  • They can come to you or you can go to them
  • The certified bra fitter brings 2 suitcases full of all types of bras
  • Assessment of your bra size and what types you need (based on lifestyle)
  • Try on the bras you like
  • Pick and buy the one(s) you need
  • Keep in contact with your bra fitter

As a woman of size, I can’t wear the average bra so having someone more knowledgeable of what I need helps a lot! I was sized at either 38 DDD or 40 DD, I wasn’t in the wrong size but my current bras needed to go. With my busy schedule and always moving around, it’s good to keep 3-4 bras in rotation. Below are the 4 bras I tried on; the top is the name of the bra and the bottom is the style.

Livi Rae Lingerie also provides an extensive knowledge of how to put on a bra:

  • Put in on from the side so you don’t stretch out the fabric
  • Bend at the waist when putting it on, so that your breasts are fully in the cup
  • As for washing your bras:
    • Hand wash only
    • Use a gentle wash or Livi Rae’s (1-2x a week)
    • Lay flat to dry on a towel

Following these steps will ensure long-lasting bras and proper fit! If you want to get fitted, be sure to contact your local fitter at Liviraelingerie.com !

Thanks for reading!


I ended up buying this one, lifts me up and is a great t-shirt bra!

I ended up buying this one, lifts me up and is a great t-shirt bra!


Also a great "Everyday Bra", it smooth's texture minimizes you and has "super support!"

Also a great “Everyday Bra”, it smooth’s texture minimizes you and has “super support!”


A great bra for nice blouses, wanting to feel sexy and has "maximum support"


The "Yassss!" Bra, this bra provides support and sexiness at the same time. Can also be worn as a t-shirt bra b/c lace and seams can't be seen!

The “Yassss!” Bra, this bra provides support and sexiness at the same time. Can also be worn as a t-shirt bra b/c the lace and seams can’t be seen!

Green Street “Green with Envy Blogger Social” Recap





June 2nd, 2015

Last week I was invited to attend the Green with Envy Blogger Event, to get exclusive details on the upcoming improvements in the shopping/lifestyle area.

We started our night with delicious bites and complimentary cocktails from McCormick & Schmidt’s Seafood and Steak. As we all ate, we got a chance to catch up with each other and listened to a local musician play while outside. That’s one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy at Green Street, outdoor eating and great entertainment!

Around 730 pm we started our first style mission at BCBG Maxazaria. All of the fashion bloggers styled outfits for the Free Press Summer Fest, which is like Cochella but for Houston. Most of the outfits were with fringe, flowy fabrics and bright colors. Another amazing treat too, was that all of the attendees got an additional 15% off from BCBG’s sale!

"Orange Crush " signature drink

“Orange Crush ” signature drink

Delicious bites!

Delicious bites!

Our second stop to style, was Forever 21 where we spent about 30 minutes shopping and styling!

Here is my summer style from BCBG :


And my style from Forever 21:



Green Street Houston is a great place for shopping, eating and enjoying the outdoors. I hope you stop by to experience what I did, I’m certain you’ll find some adventure!

More pictures below:

















Tapping into Your Sexy (Sponsored Post )

What if I were to tell you, that you’re sexy? How would you feel? Would you shy away from the compliment? I find myself often downplaying it when people compliment me on my looks. No one wants to ever seem vain, but I don’t think that’s the point. I never considered myself “sexy”, since most of the time I’d just see myself as the frumpy girl with bushy hair and glasses. I’m still that girl about 85% of the time, but lately I’ve been feeling “myself”. I don’t mean sexy in just what I’m wearing but in how I feel about me, how I walk with my head held high and do what makes me happy. I’m to the point where I have fully accepted my body. I’m in awe of what it looks like  sometimes; I love my rolls, large thighs, how I look in my clothes and my smile. There is nothing wrong with loving everything about yourself, I mean you have one body, so you might as well love it!

I’m more confident in my appearance than ever, because it pleases ME and I could care less of anyone’s opinion on what I should wear. With this positive attitude towards my self image, I was elated that 247 Jewelry Store reached out to me and sent clothes that I normally would shy away from. I especially loved how this 2 piece set complimented my shape and my butt looks amazing ! (lol) Both pieces can be worn with other styles, so the versatility is another bonus too.










Lovelies, I want you to know that YOU can be sexy at any size and shape. Don’t allow these set beauty standards to take away your greatness.


Thanks for reading!
Style Details:
Black and White 2 piece set: 247 Jewelry Store
Black Strappy heels: Agaci