Spring Country Chic with eShakti | Sponsored Post

Lovlies! How are you doing? I knowwwww, it’s been too long, I haven’t posted in two months, but fear no more, I’m BACK!

So let’s jump right in! I’m finally employed, with 2 freelance gigs and a part-time job at Starbucks, making my favorite drinks of course and I’m also taking a fashion design class at a community college. As well I’m also in the works of starting my own consulting business, later this year. I guess you could say, that I’m back to being productive!

Honestly I am in a much better place mentally, and spiritually, not just because of the blessings, but because of how I’ve been handling life lately. I’m working on not being so uptight and wanting to be in control so much, and just learning to understand God’s purpose for my life.


Anyway, I was so happy that eShakti reached out to me again, I seriously love everything that they stand for-“Real Clothes for Real Women”. With eShakti, you can custom design your clothes based on your measurements along with adding other features, such as pockets, shorter or longer hems, etc. My measurements looked like this:

2017-04-05 (2)

So if you have the ability to take your own measurements, or need someone to do it for you, it’s pretty easy to plug them in and save to your account with them. I chose this dress because it’s perfect for the spring season, it’s the perfect length for me, as I’m 5’5, which is pretty average height.

I also adore the off-the shoulder and lace up details, that’s what really attracted me to choose this dress! I can dress it up with heels or dress it down with some cute and comfy sandals.



Style Details:

Dress- eShakti (it’s on sale now!)

Shoes- Shu Deal

Necklace- Burlington

Well that’s all for now, I promise to keep the content coming consistently, as I’m getting back on track with my life. Have a great day!

XOXO Spookieloo!



Classic Tips for the Curvy Girl

Getting dressed for the day can be a total struggle. Sometimes we all just have “those days:” When nothing seems to lay right, when every color seems to wash out your skintone, when even trusty favorites fail you. But that’s no reason to give up. We all have days that it seems the fashion gods are working diligently against us. Although it’s difficult to overcome the discouragement set in place by many outfits gone wrong, there is a glimmer of hope to be had.

Do you ever wonder how fashion stylists are so quick to piece together a figure-flattering outfit for their clients with no signs of hardship? Sure, they’re experts in the field, but there is also one other important factor in their process. They know what they’re looking for. For each body type, there is a tried-and-true set of style rules sure to work in just about every situation. And after researching what some of these tips are for plus-size fashion, I’ve found my own set of “rules” to keep in mind while dressing for just about any occasion.

Here’s what I learned:

Find your shape. Chances are you’re aware that different women are categorized within different “shape” groups. To name some of the most common: There are the apples, who carry most of their weight around their midsection; there are the pears, who are widest at the hips; and there are the hourglass figures, featuring a defined waist and an equal breast-to-hip ratio. Once you determine your shape, it becomes much easier to dress in a way that accentuates your strongest assets and mask those you’re self-conscious about. I like this simple guide on WhoWhatWear for finding your shape in a couple simple steps.

Use tailored pieces to your advantage. Some women favor baggier clothing as opposed to skin-tight options. If this is your preferred style of dressing, consider bringing shape to your outfit with tailored add-ons. Smart pieces like blazers and structured coats bring new lines to otherwise shapeless garments. And instead of the fabric clinging to your body, your figure is given a silhouette with the toppers you choose. Street style photos are great for browsing unconventional clothes pairings that inspire. Lyst’s articles usually include street style pictures that can be used to imagine your own next outfit pairing.

Loud accessories are your friend. There’s no sense in hiding behind your clothing. Plus-size fashion has come an incredibly long way, and now more than ever, loud and proud styles are the ideal statement in the curvy girl world. Being proud of your shapely figure is the first step to rocking a gorgeous new outfit.

The next step is to dress strategically. On the topic of accessories,  Marie Claire gives a great point, “A showstopping necklace draws the eye up—ideal for balancing out your skinny jeans, white trousers, or patterned pants.” Using bright jewelry, scarves and shoes are all tactics for bringing bold, flattering style to your outfit, breaking up the colors and providing different focal points.

Tailored Vests are Classics!

Classic Tailored Vests are Great for any Season


One of my favorite maxi dresses!

Maxi Dresses are my Go-To’s

This is a guest post by Janine Collins, a freelance fashion writer currently residing in Nashville, TN. When she’s not spending time with her boyfriend or researching for her next piece, she enjoys creating new recipes and going on runs with her dog Charlie.

Thanks for reading!




Bra Fitting Adventures w/ Livi Rae Lingerie!


This past week, I had the pleasure of experiencing a true bra fitting session, with Houston’s Livi Rae Lingerie Rep, Alicia Waiters. Now in my past bra experiences, I never took the time and effort to get fitted (I know that sucks, right?!) because I wasn’t truly educated on the anatomy of bras and our breasts. Your undergarments as a whole, can make or break your outfit, whether you’re at work or going out for the night. I learned through my bra fit session, that the right fit gives you more confidence in your posture and how you feel in your clothes. Who doesn’t want to feel confident everyday in their clothes?!

How the session works:

  • Book your appointment w/ a mobile bra fitter
  • They can come to you or you can go to them
  • The certified bra fitter brings 2 suitcases full of all types of bras
  • Assessment of your bra size and what types you need (based on lifestyle)
  • Try on the bras you like
  • Pick and buy the one(s) you need
  • Keep in contact with your bra fitter

As a woman of size, I can’t wear the average bra so having someone more knowledgeable of what I need helps a lot! I was sized at either 38 DDD or 40 DD, I wasn’t in the wrong size but my current bras needed to go. With my busy schedule and always moving around, it’s good to keep 3-4 bras in rotation. Below are the 4 bras I tried on; the top is the name of the bra and the bottom is the style.

Livi Rae Lingerie also provides an extensive knowledge of how to put on a bra:

  • Put in on from the side so you don’t stretch out the fabric
  • Bend at the waist when putting it on, so that your breasts are fully in the cup
  • As for washing your bras:
    • Hand wash only
    • Use a gentle wash or Livi Rae’s (1-2x a week)
    • Lay flat to dry on a towel

Following these steps will ensure long-lasting bras and proper fit! If you want to get fitted, be sure to contact your local fitter at Liviraelingerie.com !

Thanks for reading!


I ended up buying this one, lifts me up and is a great t-shirt bra!

I ended up buying this one, lifts me up and is a great t-shirt bra!


Also a great "Everyday Bra", it smooth's texture minimizes you and has "super support!"

Also a great “Everyday Bra”, it smooth’s texture minimizes you and has “super support!”


A great bra for nice blouses, wanting to feel sexy and has "maximum support"


The "Yassss!" Bra, this bra provides support and sexiness at the same time. Can also be worn as a t-shirt bra b/c lace and seams can't be seen!

The “Yassss!” Bra, this bra provides support and sexiness at the same time. Can also be worn as a t-shirt bra b/c the lace and seams can’t be seen!

Summer Casual Style with 247 Posh Closet (Sponsored Post)

Well it’s finally May now and that means summer is approaching quickly! In the past, summer was not my best season. I live in Texas and the heat here is borderline unbearable. Being a bigger woman with thighs that touch and rub together, can be an uncomfortable experience. I used to wear jeans or really long unflattering skirts to hide my big, cellulite legs.

The options for cute, plus size clothing in the summer have been hard to find, but with the recent influence of #psbloggers and body positive movements, my options for comfortable clothing are growing.

My weight has distributed itself mostly to my hips and thighs, so it’s important that this area stays cool. I never want to experience wearing basically winter clothes again as the heat rises. With this style pictured below, 247 Posh Closet has sponsored a go to casual summer look paired with my favorite blue Jean shorts and nude sandals.



 In case you’re wondering, I was at the Whole Foods here in Houston off of Post Oak. I felt super comfortable in my style, and loved the twist of this white shirt. This style is perfect for running errands or just wanting to be casual, because who wants to dress up everyday?!




I have to thank 247 Posh Closet for sending me this amazingly simple shirt, it’s definitely a main staple for my summer style. I especially love how flowy the top part of the shirt is, you can wear it with anything. If you’re interested in buying this look, please visit the style details below. Thanks lovelies!
Style Details
White Blouse- 247 Posh Closet
Blue Jean Shorts- Forever 21
Nude Sandals- Walmart
Gold Cuffs- Fresh Kinks (available May 17th)

Diana Ross Style Inspiration

I’ve been playing around with my style for a bit now and I must say it’s been quite the journey, I’m still trying to grow into “my signature” style. For the most part I shop just about anywhere that has a great bargain and fits me well, so when I stumbled on this special piece I had to grab or ask my mom for it. See, we went thrifting a year ago and both fell in love with this sparkly, black and gold top, it was definitely from the 80s I’m sure. Although it was hard getting it back from my mom, it was worth the distance, I’ve never loved a piece as much as this one. I finally got the top back in my possession and styled it with some inspiration from Miss Diana Ross herself.


Her style is iconic and her essence was truly felt while styling this outfit. I love that she was bold and unforgiving in her style, whatever she wore she made sure you knew she was present. That’s my approach in life at this point, I’m here honey, with big hair and sparkles! Studying her style has allowed me to dig deep and embrace who I am and to love the growth of it. I enjoy being able to add certain elements to my style now, especially with my afro, it’s a part of me and shows that I’m proud of who I am.



I want to thank Tomayia Colvin Photography for catching this image and “pulling the fierceness” out, sometimes it’s hiding so when I get the chance to let it out, I roll with it.

I hope you all found this post enjoyable and to remember to embrace your style wherever you are in life. You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with.

With Love,


Spring, Baby!

As of now you all should know that I am intensely obsessed with pencil skirts and I take any chance to wear one no matter the weather. In today’s style post, I’m wearing one of my favorite skirts from a local, Houston retailer, Ntroverted Xpressions. The floral print of this skirt makes me giddy just looking at it, the print is perfect for the upcoming spring season and practically goes with anything. I paired my skirt with a white v-neck T-shirt, sparkly gold pumpsflower necklace and nude clutch ( I love my clutch, it goes with EVERYTHING).





This style is perfect for a lovely Sunday brunch with friends, date night or going to an art gallery viewing! As well, everything that I wear has to stretch, I have a big butt in case you didn’t know. The skirt is roomy and is a size 1X, my shirt is a size large, because I’m smaller in the bust area so usually my they have to fit smaller than my bottoms.


JasmineBerry-9 FBWM

For me it’s always fun to dress up a basic white t-shirt, they are truly classics that you need in your closet. You could try this look, or maybe dress it up more with a bigger statement necklace and brighter heels. I hope you enjoyed this style! And don’t forget to show me how you dress up your white t-shirt!

-Love Jazz

Top: White V-Neck, Forever 21; Bottom: Floral Pencil Skirt, Ntroverted Xpressions Shoes: Gold Pumps, ATRS Recylcing Accessories: Nude Clutch, Blue Elephant Boutique Jewelry: Flower Necklace, Forever 21

Guest Photographer: Tomayia Colvin

Make-Up: Kolour Theory Artistry


The Transition Phase

Whoa…it’s seriously March already?! Can 2015 slow down just a tad please? I swear this year is going by way too fast for me, it’s almost spring time. Which happens to be my favorite time, I’m so over this nasty cold weather Texas keeps getting. Honestly, it hasn’t even been that consistent; one day it’s a chilly 30 degrees out and a couple HOURS later, I could literally walk around in flip flops. *sigh*

Well this weather/life transition is teaching me a few lessons; I can’t control the weather and some aspects of my life I can’t control either. Meaning, things just happen, sometimes for the best or worst. I’m not going to allow this weird transition to cloud my vision though, I mean what’s a little struggle going to hurt? My ego? My pride? Yes, those things are definitely being chopped down, but other things are building up; I’ve become more independent, I have tunnel vision on my goals, my stress level has somewhat decreased and I keep pushing no matter what’s going on.

I found this style to be perfect for this crazy weather Texas has been having, it’s also easy to wear for my unpredictable life.

TP 3

This grey, midi dress practically jumped in my face and I knew I had to get it. The fabric is stretchy cotton, breathable and goes with any season. That printed half jacket you see there, I bought a year ago from Value Village thrift. I had been waiting to find something to wear it with, and  here is the finished product. I also paired my favorite strappy heels from this place called Shoe Mall, they were only $15 too! Oh and can’t forget the hat, that’s resting on my fro, it sealed the look. I would wear this style for both spring/summer and fall/winter, except for when it’s cooler try it with ankle boots.

TP 2

The reason I picked my location to be at Project Row Houses, was that its character really appealed to me. The “shotgun” style houses are small and humble, but represent the “dignity and simplicity” of this 3rd Ward neighborhood. You could see children outside playing, a few folks talking inside the PRH Community center; there was a certain charm about this area that just made me feel great. I plan on coming back to PRH, to hopefully volunteer and spend more time looking at the art inside the houses.

Love the black and white look

Love the black and white look

I hope you all enjoyed this look and remember to keep pushing, even when there’s a weird transition going on. You never know what the outcome may be! Also I would like to thank Tomayia Colvin for capturing my vision, the whole experience was great with her team!