About Me

Well Hello there, I’m Jasmine Berry! Plus Size Enthusiasts, Stylists and Motivator! This space is dedicated to bringing awareness to all things fashion and motivation in the plus size community. As a woman who has curves and knows the struggle of finding great clothes in my size, I have made it my duty to share with you all what works for me.

With being a stylist, I have found that people just want to look good and embrace themselves at any age and size, I love being able to help someone feel better about themselves. When I was much younger, confidence didn’t come as natural to me, as it does now. That’s why I created this blog to hopefully share with you my struggles and gains in this crazy, fashionable world!

When visiting this blog, I hope you gain motivation and can relate to anything written here, so please comment, share or connect with me! Throughout this blog, you will see many facets of my life; motivational stories, different events I attend and my favorite styles through my eyes. Thanks! I hope you enjoy my fashionable journey!





2 thoughts on “About Me

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    • Wow thank you so much! I’m really humbled by your kind words, I’m glad and happy that you can get what you need from my blog and that you can see my personality. This seriously just made day! Thanks love ❤


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