Lessons Learned: How Facebook is changing the Way You See Content

Last week I watched a webinar from Social Media Examiner, titled “How to Survive as a Marketer In a Changing Social Media Landscape” which I’m glad I did. I learned quite a few lessons and want to share them with you. As a social media manager in the retail and wholesale industry, it is imperative that I stay on top of trends and the changes going on with social media.

Since I manage several social media accounts daily, I need to know this information to better help my clients stay on top in their industries. Ok class, get your notes ready!


  1. Smaller Numbers Will Engage

  • If you’re a professional in the creative and digital market, you understand that content is “King”, especially if you’re constantly sharing your expertise. While this is true, engagement with your audience is becoming more important to gauge how relatable you are. Your customers, clients, etc. are looking for “meaningful social interaction, inspiring engagement, and conversation” when consuming content. With my niche being in retail & wholesale, I am noticing that those smaller audiences that engage with you more via social media are the ones who eventually buy and become loyal followers. I know we are constantly taught to cater to a bigger audience, but understand that “a smaller more relevant audience is more important than a larger, less engaged one”.
  1. Live Video Gets 6x as much Interaction than other types of video

  • Live videos are becoming necessary to keep your audience engaged especially for the retail/wholesale industry. Although there are numerous articles saying “retail is dead” it’s not all true; it’s how these companies are doing business that is dead, and that includes social media marketing as well. With videos, especially live ones, you can reach your customers on another level of interest. We are a visual society, so implementing live videos in your social media marketing plan will increase your chances of your products being seen and bought. If you’re a retailer (online or Brick and Mortar), think about how you can apply video to your products. Do you sell women’s and men’s clothing? Try doing weekly style videos of new arrivals. Are you an online make-up line? Then use videos trying the product, or do weekly live streams to answer questions about it.
  1. Episodic Storytelling

  • This term is not new, but it’s effective when posting on social media. For instance, if you sell wholesale artisan jewelry, your posting can build your audience up to engage with you from how the jewelry is made to which retailer you can buy it from. You can try these 3 steps below:
    • Post your image and caption stating where this specific piece came from and how it was made; “This handmade leather cuff was created in a 100-year-old family business in a small village of Milan, Italy”. Something like that.
    • Then the next day, show a video of how the product is being made, and the environment the products are being made in. Your audience will appreciate the exclusive behind-the-scenes of your business. Doing this adds that human and relatable touch needed to maintain your business.
    • Lastly, you can show the full product line and how it is displayed in the store. Take it further and show how a customer wears the handmade leather cuff!
  • I like implementing this type of storytelling because it shakes things up from your average caption and it engages your audience, which allows them to imagine themselves using your products. With this strategy you want to take the time to think it out or hire someone who can do this, you don’t want to just “post and go”.
  1. Facebook Advertising

  • At this point in the social media marketing game, you’re going to have to start using paid advertising, especially with your more info-filled posts. Although Facebook is wanting to show more content that is of value to viewers, you will eventually need to pay for traffic. Organic traffic is great, but your business will eventually grow and will need that “extra” ($$$) push to reach a bigger audience.
  1. Other Lessons Learned

  • The right kind of video is VERY valuable; Facebook is looking for intent and repeat viewership (critical)
  • Vertical videos are watched more with the sound on
  • Retarget people who watch your videos and then promote your products
  • Try doing weekly interview features with customers, product reviews or industry news
  • Have a weekly news show; discuss what’s going on each week in your business, industry, or subjects that your customers care about. This keeps you relevant and creates meaningful interactions

Key takeaways:

  • Ask yourself, are you ready for the changes in social media marketing? If not, let’s work together to make sure you are prepared!
  • Implementing live videos into your social media marketing can increase engagement & awareness of your brand.
  • Take the time to plan out your content, by using Episodic Storytelling!

Thank you for reading. I hope you gained some new knowledge, please feel free to share this information or share your opinions on the Facebook changes!


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