2016 Spring Break Punch featuring Fresh Kinks


So what do blogger besties do when they’re bored and feeling creative? They make drinks with a fun video! Check out  what Fresh Kinks and I created! This drink is perfect for spring breakers, beach goers and pool partiers, with the wine and whiskey concoction it’s perfect for your relaxing needs. The recipe is simple with only 3 ingredients, enjoy!

“Spring into the Turn Up” Punch 


  • 4 oz of Apple Whisky
  • 7 oz of Pink Mascato
  • 5 oz of lemon-lime soda
  • 2 16 oz cups (for mixing)


  1. Combine all ingredients in one of the 16 oz cups
  2. Once combined, mix ingredients by using both cups
  3. Pour drink over ice
  4. Enjoy!

Want to see more of this hilarious video? Check out the video below (please don’t judge us to harshly lol, it was our first video).



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