Staying Connected: Blog Collabo Day Recap



Today the Houston African American Bloggers hosted a Blogger Collabo Day, for us to connect and work on our blog goals for the year. The purpose of this work day was to not only meet other bloggers, but get feedback on your own blog and bounce ideas off of each other. I learned a great deal on valuable information, but more so learned the importance of staying connected.

Blogging can be an isolating activity, and sometimes you feel as if your voice is not being heard. But today opened me up to valuing that in order to succeed at anything in life, you need to connect with others either in a similar field as you or just someone you can vibe great with. Throughout this work meeting I was asked about my goals for the year, which forced me to speak them out loud. Doing that, forced me to focus on what I want to do in life and put into the universe that I’m going to do whatever I put my mind to. See, that’s the thing about connecting with others, it literally forces you to speak your mind (so there’s no awkward conversation lol) and have confidence in your goals. I spoke with a young lady who is a brand consultant  (which I’ve prayed about meeting) about my plans after graduation. Everytime I get asked that question, anxiety starts to flow through my head because I don’t 100% know what to do. She also shared with me that my major is untraditional, so I would have to start connecting with people in different fashion groups, meaning I would have to get off my ass (lol) and get to networking.

Even though I went into receive blog information (and I did, good stuff too) I came out of the work day feeling inspired and confident in what I’m doing with my life, especially in regards to blogging. I hope that whatever you all choose to do, you feel confident in your choice. And don’t forget to CONNECT! There are actually super nice people out there who want to help you get to your goals, you just have to open your mouth and ask.

Here are a few pictures from today’s event! Thanks for reading!



Everyone working hard



Food Catered by Pollo Tropical


The Venue was Adobe style




2 thoughts on “Staying Connected: Blog Collabo Day Recap

  1. Awesome! I just started a new blog this year. I want my first post to be dedicated to my goals as a blogger. This is allowing another way for me to put my goals out in the universe. I’m still in the works, but I need to put myself out there as of yesterday. lol


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