Why I joined Houston African American Bloggers

Good evening lovelies!

Hope your week is going great, school has started and everyone is back on their grind, I know for me this past week has been busy; school, work and the blog life. That’s what I want to share with you all tonight actually; my membership in the Houston African American Bloggers network and why I joined.


I joined this group to connect with more bloggers and to grow with a community that shares similar blog lifestyles. Blogging for me has become apart of my life and knowing that there’s a group of people who look and think like me, is a recipe for success; success for ALL of us.  As well, I’m living independently, so being in a group like this helps with making friends and keeps me accountable for updating my blog.

This group has helped me become prouder of what I’m doing, I don’t just think of myself as a blogger, I see myself as a positive infleuncer for social change. As my focus for my personal blog is plus size fashion, I learn a lot from being in a network with other bloggers. I’ve learned about protecting your blog and work, what opportunities are worth taking and how to balance my life with creating fresh and new content for my readers.

I encourage those wanting to start a blog or already have one, to join a local or national blog network, trust me  it’s better to have support than going into this lifestyle alone.  Having that satisfaction of being a part of something meaningful makes life pretty fun! Blogging is an outlet for me to voice how I feel in this crazy world we live in, and being able to share my thoughts freely in this group makes me stronger in my beliefs.

Well that’s all for tonight folks! Be on the look out for my next post on “Independent Living as a Millennial” in the next week!


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