Tapping into Your Sexy (Sponsored Post )

What if I were to tell you, that you’re sexy? How would you feel? Would you shy away from the compliment? I find myself often downplaying it when people compliment me on my looks. No one wants to ever seem vain, but I don’t think that’s the point. I never considered myself “sexy”, since most of the time I’d just see myself as the frumpy girl with bushy hair and glasses. I’m still that girl about 85% of the time, but lately I’ve been feeling “myself”. I don’t mean sexy in just what I’m wearing but in how I feel about me, how I walk with my head held high and do what makes me happy. I’m to the point where I have fully accepted my body. I’m in awe of what it looks like  sometimes; I love my rolls, large thighs, how I look in my clothes and my smile. There is nothing wrong with loving everything about yourself, I mean you have one body, so you might as well love it!

I’m more confident in my appearance than ever, because it pleases ME and I could care less of anyone’s opinion on what I should wear. With this positive attitude towards my self image, I was elated that 247 Jewelry Store reached out to me and sent clothes that I normally would shy away from. I especially loved how this 2 piece set complimented my shape and my butt looks amazing ! (lol) Both pieces can be worn with other styles, so the versatility is another bonus too.










Lovelies, I want you to know that YOU can be sexy at any size and shape. Don’t allow these set beauty standards to take away your greatness.


Thanks for reading!
Style Details:
Black and White 2 piece set: 247 Jewelry Store
Black Strappy heels: Agaci


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