Tapping into Your Sexy (Sponsored Post )

What if I were to tell you, that you’re sexy? How would you feel? Would you shy away from the compliment? I find myself often downplaying it when people compliment me on my looks. No one wants to ever seem vain, but I don’t think that’s the point. I never considered myself “sexy”, since most of the time I’d just see myself as the frumpy girl with bushy hair and glasses. I’m still that girl about 85% of the time, but lately I’ve been feeling “myself”. I don’t mean sexy in just what I’m wearing but in how I feel about me, how I walk with my head held high and do what makes me happy. I’m to the point where I have fully accepted my body. I’m in awe of what it looks like  sometimes; I love my rolls, large thighs, how I look in my clothes and my smile. There is nothing wrong with loving everything about yourself, I mean you have one body, so you might as well love it!

I’m more confident in my appearance than ever, because it pleases ME and I could care less of anyone’s opinion on what I should wear. With this positive attitude towards my self image, I was elated that 247 Jewelry Store reached out to me and sent clothes that I normally would shy away from. I especially loved how this 2 piece set complimented my shape and my butt looks amazing ! (lol) Both pieces can be worn with other styles, so the versatility is another bonus too.










Lovelies, I want you to know that YOU can be sexy at any size and shape. Don’t allow these set beauty standards to take away your greatness.


Thanks for reading!
Style Details:
Black and White 2 piece set: 247 Jewelry Store
Black Strappy heels: Agaci


Summer Casual Style with 247 Posh Closet (Sponsored Post)

Well it’s finally May now and that means summer is approaching quickly! In the past, summer was not my best season. I live in Texas and the heat here is borderline unbearable. Being a bigger woman with thighs that touch and rub together, can be an uncomfortable experience. I used to wear jeans or really long unflattering skirts to hide my big, cellulite legs.

The options for cute, plus size clothing in the summer have been hard to find, but with the recent influence of #psbloggers and body positive movements, my options for comfortable clothing are growing.

My weight has distributed itself mostly to my hips and thighs, so it’s important that this area stays cool. I never want to experience wearing basically winter clothes again as the heat rises. With this style pictured below, 247 Posh Closet has sponsored a go to casual summer look paired with my favorite blue Jean shorts and nude sandals.



 In case you’re wondering, I was at the Whole Foods here in Houston off of Post Oak. I felt super comfortable in my style, and loved the twist of this white shirt. This style is perfect for running errands or just wanting to be casual, because who wants to dress up everyday?!




I have to thank 247 Posh Closet for sending me this amazingly simple shirt, it’s definitely a main staple for my summer style. I especially love how flowy the top part of the shirt is, you can wear it with anything. If you’re interested in buying this look, please visit the style details below. Thanks lovelies!
Style Details
White Blouse- 247 Posh Closet
Blue Jean Shorts- Forever 21
Nude Sandals- Walmart
Gold Cuffs- Fresh Kinks (available May 17th)