Diana Ross Style Inspiration

I’ve been playing around with my style for a bit now and I must say it’s been quite the journey, I’m still trying to grow into “my signature” style. For the most part I shop just about anywhere that has a great bargain and fits me well, so when I stumbled on this special piece I had to grab or ask my mom for it. See, we went thrifting a year ago and both fell in love with this sparkly, black and gold top, it was definitely from the 80s I’m sure. Although it was hard getting it back from my mom, it was worth the distance, I’ve never loved a piece as much as this one. I finally got the top back in my possession and styled it with some inspiration from Miss Diana Ross herself.


Her style is iconic and her essence was truly felt while styling this outfit. I love that she was bold and unforgiving in her style, whatever she wore she made sure you knew she was present. That’s my approach in life at this point, I’m here honey, with big hair and sparkles! Studying her style has allowed me to dig deep and embrace who I am and to love the growth of it. I enjoy being able to add certain elements to my style now, especially with my afro, it’s a part of me and shows that I’m proud of who I am.



I want to thank Tomayia Colvin Photography for catching this image and “pulling the fierceness” out, sometimes it’s hiding so when I get the chance to let it out, I roll with it.

I hope you all found this post enjoyable and to remember to embrace your style wherever you are in life. You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with.

With Love,



Fresh Spring Accessories

Well it’s getting warmer here in Texas and that means Spring is approaching quickly! With spring coming up, that means getting new items for your wardrobe. In today’s post I have been sponsored by Fresh Kinks to discuss their new accessories.  “Fresh Kinks is a new and growing brand that represents strong minded and motivated young adults who can manage to handle business and achieve their aspirations without losing self-expression and maintaining their ideal selves. The name itself means “a clean mind,” which is what everyone, especially driven young adults, need to promote themselves and build the lives they are grinding to make for their futures.”

I love that this brand promotes strong entrepreneurship and a strong mind, especially in today’s society. I’ve known Rachael  the Owner for quite some time and was humbled that she ask me to become a brand ambassador for her new online accessory store. Shop Fresh Kinks will be launching May 17th, so you’ll be able to get some of the great goodies I have! Here’s an exclusive look at some of the product!


Above are my new favorite sunnies, that are a pale pink color with a gold trimming around the lens. In the middle is a cuff bracelet chained together that I can’t wait to pair with something fierce! I’ve honestly been looking for different jewelry and finally got my hands on some. And last are these very fabulous Leopard print, triangle shaped earrings that will give any outfit a bang!

If you’re interested in becoming a brand supporter or ambassador please visit Freshkinks.com for more information, both positions come with great perks that you don’t want to miss out on.

20150409_092323 20150409_092145


As a young woman working to create a brand for myself, I love supporting someone else because it inspires me to keep going. Seeing like minded individuals pursue their dreams let’s me know that I’m not alone in this. We’re all trying to accomplish something and if there’s anyway I can help, I will!

I hope you enjoyed this post and please go support Fresh Kinks! Her social media information is below if you want to connect.