Jazz to Miami! Recap

This past week, I was blessed to be able to spend it in Miami, FL; from the road trip there, to swimming in the clear blue ocean, I was literally in paradise! Although I might add, driving there was quite interesting, it took about 18 hours (including rest stops) to drive there especially since our destination was literally at the bottom of the map, I HIGHLY recommend flying if you can. Nonetheless this trip was needed, I was able to truly relax, spend some time soaking up the sun and immerse myself into the mix of cultures there.

In preparation for my vacation, I packed one big duffle bag and my favorite black tote that works for any occasion. I packed 2 swim tops, 1 “sexy” swim suit and 2 bottoms that were easily interchangeable. As well I had 4 cover ups, 1 pair of nude sandals, 2 pairs of canvas shoes, 4 dresses and one pair of blue jean shorts. Since the group I was with rented a condo, we brought towels and other household items needed for the week. I must say the place we were staying at wasn’t that amazing, but suited our needs because we were barely there and it was a 10 minute walk from the beach! The first night there, we all were a little tired and went to Wal-Mart to get a few last minute items, I ended up getting some cute nude sandals from there too! Once we got settled in and freshened up, I forgot about all my worries; I made it to Miami yall!

Walking up and down the renowned “Collins Ave” and “Ocean Drive”, it felt so good to just be in the midst of everything; fresh seafood cooking, Latin Caribbean music blasting, and palm trees sending heavenly breezes throughout the city. And of course the amazing night life and delicious drinks!

Even though we bought some food for our condo, we also ate out too. My favorite restaurant was called “The Place” (yes the Place) , they had great 2 for 1 special drinks and tasty food. Most of the restaurants on the beach all had different deals, so  you are bound to find some places to eat. Also if you’re into daiquiris and slushy “adult” drinks go to Wet Willies and Fat Tuesday’s, they won’t disappoint, and you can drink on the beach too!




Strolling along Ocean Drive


Oh, Hello!

Oh, Hello!

I used the opportunity to play with loud and bold colors from my make-up to my actual outfits, why not? I was also precautious in lathering my body in bronzer lotion and sunscreen, I wanted to be sparkly and safe too. The sunglasses pretty much stole the show, especially since I wore my natural hair, I had a whole 70s vintage, glam style going on.

First Swim Suit


Ok so the first swim suit wasn’t geared towards plus-size women, but I made it work. The stringy 1-pc definitely was more risque than what I normally wear, but I was in MIA, I had to show out just a tad. I first saw it on another curvy lady and was inspired to get it (only cost me $15)! Of course I didn’t want everything showing so I wore a sheer cover up top that pulled the whole look together.

The Second Swim Suit

So this style was also my favorite, it was bold, colorful and comfortable. I felt super confident in the high-waist bottoms and the floral top, both were a size 2x so I could have some wiggle room and comfort while strolling the beach.

Definitely feeling myself


The Third Swim Suit

I would like to deem this look “African Queen Slayage” because that’s exactly how I felt. This leopard print wrap scarf was so clutch, I wear it on my head mostly but decided to give it a try around my waist. Just looking at the water makes me miss the beach even more!

I didn’t just spend time beaching around, but did some exploring too, Miami has a real charm about it and I tried to capture as much as I could. Collins Ave was the main shopping area while Ocean Drive had more of the restaurants and clubs. My favorite was the Clevander, it was a lounge, restaurant and bar at night with an amazing D.J. Also, did I mention that I might have met Zach Galifianakis (or his look-a-like) ? That place was packed with all types of people and I fit in just fine.


The Clevelander


Here are more of my exploration pictures:

The Colony Hotel

Jewish Museum of Florida


Beautiful Sunset

Love the Vintage style cars!

I love how intricate their buildings are

Las Olas Cafe, has the best Cuban Coffee!

Las Olas Cafe, has the best Cuban Coffee!
























Well lovlies, I know this was quite a lengthy post, but I wanted to make sure you all got the full effect of what I experienced. I hope you’re able to visit Miami one day, it really is an amazing place to just get away and relax. Have a fabulous week!





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