The Transition Phase

Whoa…it’s seriously March already?! Can 2015 slow down just a tad please? I swear this year is going by way too fast for me, it’s almost spring time. Which happens to be my favorite time, I’m so over this nasty cold weather Texas keeps getting. Honestly, it hasn’t even been that consistent; one day it’s a chilly 30 degrees out and a couple HOURS later, I could literally walk around in flip flops. *sigh*

Well this weather/life transition is teaching me a few lessons; I can’t control the weather and some aspects of my life I can’t control either. Meaning, things just happen, sometimes for the best or worst. I’m not going to allow this weird transition to cloud my vision though, I mean what’s a little struggle going to hurt? My ego? My pride? Yes, those things are definitely being chopped down, but other things are building up; I’ve become more independent, I have tunnel vision on my goals, my stress level has somewhat decreased and I keep pushing no matter what’s going on.

I found this style to be perfect for this crazy weather Texas has been having, it’s also easy to wear for my unpredictable life.

TP 3

This grey, midi dress practically jumped in my face and I knew I had to get it. The fabric is stretchy cotton, breathable and goes with any season. That printed half jacket you see there, I bought a year ago from Value Village thrift. I had been waiting to find something to wear it with, and  here is the finished product. I also paired my favorite strappy heels from this place called Shoe Mall, they were only $15 too! Oh and can’t forget the hat, that’s resting on my fro, it sealed the look. I would wear this style for both spring/summer and fall/winter, except for when it’s cooler try it with ankle boots.

TP 2

The reason I picked my location to be at Project Row Houses, was that its character really appealed to me. The “shotgun” style houses are small and humble, but represent the “dignity and simplicity” of this 3rd Ward neighborhood. You could see children outside playing, a few folks talking inside the PRH Community center; there was a certain charm about this area that just made me feel great. I plan on coming back to PRH, to hopefully volunteer and spend more time looking at the art inside the houses.

Love the black and white look

Love the black and white look

I hope you all enjoyed this look and remember to keep pushing, even when there’s a weird transition going on. You never know what the outcome may be! Also I would like to thank Tomayia Colvin for capturing my vision, the whole experience was great with her team!



4 thoughts on “The Transition Phase

  1. You look so happy and so beautiful! Your photographer did an amazing job of capturing such great moments.

    Also, you totally just inspired my next video. I had written out a response to what you talked about, above and accidentally lost it. (Yay, technology!) I’ll let you know when I make it. 🙂

    I hope to see you soon!



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