Model Casting: Curves Swim Week Edition


Good afternoon Lovlies!

In today’s post I’m bringing back an informational, style board on how to prepare for a model casting call. Last year I did one for a standard fashion show, “Preparing for a Model Casting: 1426 Fashion Week Edition” and since it’s almost summer time, I thought I’d share my expertise.

LS 1426 is having another model call on March 7th, 2015. If you’re interested in attending please click on the flyer below to register.


LS 1426 Curves Swim Week Model Call

LS 1426 Curves Swim Week Model Call

I’m sure as you all know, the plus size fashion industry is booming! As an advocate for body acceptance and embracing your full self, I want to ensure that all my readers are prepared if you decide to pursue a career in fashion/modeling. From my observation, I have noticed that being overly prepared for model calls, ensures that you will be successful in getting a call back and hopefully booking a show. If you’re serious about pursuing a modeling career, treat this as a job interview, it basically is one. Below is a guideline for what you need to bring to a swim suit model casting.


model casting

Model Casting: Swim Edition


As you can see, this board is pretty simple than what I normally post about, and that’s the point. When you enter into the model call, you want whatever agency to immediately see you and need you for their show. There is no need for extra accessories and over the top clothing, you’re basically a blank canvas. I know most model castings ask that you wear dark wash jeans or black leggings so  they can assess your walk and shape. I also have shown a pair of flat tennis shoes to wear, until you get to your destination. From my experience, wearing flat shoes keeps me from having my feet hurt if I’m having to walk a long way to the model call. I’m sure you’ve seen those episodes of “America’s Next Top Model” when they did go sees, to book jobs with designers. You just have to be prepared for anything, you may have to walk a long distance or get lost, so bring flat shoes to avoid foot issues.

Now since this is a SWIM SUIT fashion show, please bring at least 2 swim suits; a 1 pc. and 2 pc. Again, it never hurts to be too prepared! Designers want to see if your body can adapt in any type of swim suit, as well wear one that YOU feel comfortable wearing as if you were going to the beach or pool. If you can’t see yourself being fabulous in it, neither can the designer. As well, if you have been building your portfolio with pictures from your past jobs, bring it! This serves as your modeling resume and shows designers you are serious.

Here are 4 of my favorite tips!

1. )Make-Up

When going to a model/production casting, minimal make-up is the way to go, unless the agency/designer says otherwise. I always like to play up my eyes by adding eyeliner and mascara. I keep my lips simple with a pale pink colors, I then add blush and a light layer of foundation. The designers want to see that they can create their vision on your face as well, so by adding tons of make-up they won’t be able to assess your best features and use them. From experience of wearing too much make-up, it all melted and morphed into this weird look on my face, thus making me insecure and not being as confident in myself. As well it helps if you take care of your face with washing it regularly and drinking water.

2. )Personality

In today’s fashion world, being just “pretty” doesn’t cut it, models are becoming ambassadors for companies, owning businesses, and doing more than just walking the runway. In a sense you are a walking billboard and need to present yourself in a manner in which people want to book you so you can continuously have work. For me this was kind of hard to do, especially since I am generally shy and don’t speak first, but with constant practice and networking with people, it has helped me out a lot; I’m usually the first person to say hello or smile now!

Now if you’re the outgoing, bursting body of energy, you are pretty much what they look for in spokesperson modeling. When arriving at a casting, I found it to be helpful say hello or smile at everyone you come into contact with. People remember you, especially if you put effort into connecting with them. Also don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, give a firm hand shake and eye contact (not the crazy kind though.)

3. )Punctuality

Timing is everything! If you know you have a long commute, plan ahead in what route you’re taking and  estimate how long it will take you to get there, nothing worse than showing up late to a casting. In general being on time is a virtue, so use this as practice to start being punctual. This is just like going on an interview and if the designer/agency sees that you are late or running late, they will most likely not book you for the job. If you have ever watched “America’s Next Top Model”, the models went on “Go Sees”, in which designers looked to see if they fit their company’s image and if you were late you would be disqualified. Arriving at least 15-20 minutes early is also a sign that you are serious and want this job, so just be on time!

4 .)Your Walk

Last and most importantly is your walk, although there is variety of walks, owning and perfecting your signature one is a must. Your personality and confidence plays a huge role in how strut your stuff, this is not the time to be timid and shy. What I do when I know I have to walk, is tap into my alter ego, or pretend there is no one else in the room but you. Practice, practice, practice! If you know the date of the model casting, you should be using every minute to work and perfect it, that will be one of the requirements agencies judge you on. Also please break in your shoes! Find some that are comfortable for you and fit the requirement of the casting.


Thanks again for reading this informational guideline on swim suit model castings, I hope this helps and if you have any questions please feel free to comment or contact me here! Good luck to everyone!