1426 Curves Swim Week

Good afternoon lovelies! I have great news for you all! Remember my coverage for 1426 Fashion Week last year? Well I’m at it again and this time the 1426 Team is bringing you “Curves Swim Week” June 2015. I am particularly excited about this event because of the improvement of swim wear for plus size women.

With my own experience in the past, I always dreaded having to wear a swim suit because I never thought I looked good in one. Well that’s all changed now, with the influence and positive images of bigger women wearing swim suits, it’s been easier to find them fun and exciting to wear!

My first real bathing suit last year!

My first real bathing suit last year!

The goal for doing coverage for this upcoming event, is to make aware that women of any size can wear a swim suit, whether she’s a size 2 or 22. There needs to be constant and frequent images of plus size women in swimsuits, especially in mainstream social media. By being a part of the 1426 team, more women will be more confident in wearing what they want.

I am so honored and excited to be working closely with Ms. Linda Scott, her vision is something that I’m grateful to be involved in. As we “integrate the runway” with different sizes , females and males, this show will give people of all walks of life the confidence they need to be themselves.

If you’re interested in any opportunities for the show please visit our Facebook page at 1426 Fashion Week for more updates.


Model Casting Dates:

Oklahoma City, OK: February 7th

Austin, TX: February 21st

Houston, TX: March 7th

Hope to see you there!



2 thoughts on “1426 Curves Swim Week

  1. Hey Jasmine! I really love that swimsuit on you, it really compliments your figure! This sounds like an awesome show for 1426 to be putting on and an awesome concept to share! I don’t think it matters what size or shape you are, trying to find a flattering swimsuit and then wearing whichever one you find, is really stressful. At least it always has been for me and I’ve been from a size 2 to a 16! I can’t wait to hear more about it all from you. Keep in touch!


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