What are You Working For?

My 2015 Vision Board

My 2015 Vision Board


First of all I just want to say thank you to everyone who has continuously supported this blog, whether it’s by reading, commenting, sharing, etc. Thank you!

Today’s post is not centered solely on fashion, but more so my goals for the year and how I’m overcoming difficult situations in my life. Currently I am having to take a semester off from school and getting myself back on track. As well I’ll be back to working two jobs to take care of myself since I’m breaking from school. Today I also found out that there was a death in my family and I was very close to this person, so all of this “stuff” piling up, is becoming tough. This is life and I’m living it, whether it’s good or bad. Life tends to throw certain situations at you, and it’s ultimately how you react, that will get you where you need to be

With the creation of my vision board, I had been putting it off for several months because I had no idea what goals I wanted to accomplish. I’m honestly glad I took this time to be intentional about it, because it’s something I look at everyday. The board was in my room at first, but now I like it by my door so that way I see what I’m working for everyday. And that brings me to ask you all, what are you working for? What drives you to continue with your day? As I’m going through these obstacles, I am having to realign my goals and life so that all this work makes sense. When life gets tough, do you believe you can be victorious or do you shrink in fear? This has been me for a while now and I’m working every day to break this mindset of being fearful, especially of failure. When I got the news that I would not be able to continue school this semester and graduate on time, I felt defeated and almost gave up hope. I believe that wanting and working for success comes at a price and that means going through hard times. I won’t quit though. This literally is a temporary road block, that I know I will overcome.

The timing was perfect for me finishing my vision board, although everything seemed like it was going terribly wrong, I was still able to see the importance of what I wanted my life to be like and how I was going to get there. I took some time to cry and sit around, but my spirit, friends and family won’t allow that for too long! I’m glad I took my time with this as I plan to accomplish everything on that board.

This is my challenge to you, if you’re feeling confused about life at any point, create a vision board! By doing this, you’re setting yourself up for greatness and owning that you will achieve your goals. I’ve come to the realization that if you want happiness, you have to take full responsibility of that.

So with that being said I’d like to share some goals of mine!

1.) Graduate college this year

2.) Become a known Plus Size Fashion Blogger

3.) Buy a couch and table

4.) Take a weekend trip to New York and explore, eat and be merry

I am going to utilize this time to refine myself and become stronger, I choose to believe that there is more greatness to come despite these hard times.



And if you’re wondering why I have “Prince” on my board, it’s because of his “doesn’t take sh*t attitude”, nothing seems to faze him and I want to embody that attitude more!

Alright lovelies, I hope this post has been helpful as it has been for me. Believe in self care and don’t be fearful of just living, embrace wherever you are in life.

If you make a vision board, I want to see!