Casual Statements


Good evening everyone, can you believe that it’s already December? This year is just about over and it has been one for the books! Just looking back over this year, has definitely shown me a lot about myself. I’ve learned so many lessons, and well I’m still learning…

I like to think of these lessons as “Casual Statements”, like what I have in my outfit above, my neon scarf and red snake-skin bag, add a casual but clear statement. Much like how my life has been this year.


I have managed a lot this year; full-time school and work, along with an amazing internship with the Houston Fashion Bloggers, managing my own blog, and I also decided to start dating too! These casual statements have allowed me to be open about life and take risks, I mean why else would I pair a bright neon scarf and bold red bag together?


JB 1

So with that being said my friends, be BOLD and take risks with life, even if it scares the shit out of you.


Black Ankle Pants: Ross

Grey V-neck: Forever 21

Printed Flats: Old Navy

Red Bag: Lux Monroe Boutique

Neon Scarf: Heiress Riveroaks Boutique


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