1426 Fashion Week: Are You Ready?

Good evening everyone! So the time is almost here for the 1426 Fashion Week and I couldn’t be more excited! So many great events going on and I hope you all are able to attend. Since starting my journey with this team, I have discovered that embracing who you are at any size, age, etc. is important for self-development. With this fashion week coming up, you won’t see the average thin model, but models who have big butts, breast, thighs and everything else standard models don’t have. Now if that’s not what you’re into, then this isn’t the show for you, here at 1426, we are “Integrating the Runway” and bringing all sizes together. I mean wouldn’t you want to attend a show that embraces all beauty and sizes?



1426 Fashion Week Models

1426 Fashion Week Models


Work it ladies!

Work it ladies!


Linda Scott in one of her great teaching moments

Linda Scott in one of her great teaching moments





This journey so far has been a new, great experience for me and I honestly think this was a God sent opportunity. I wasn’t searching for it, it literally just happened, I received a message and that’s where I am now; fulfilling this opportunity. I’m not telling you to attend this show just “because”, but to attend this show to experience something new. You should attend 1426 Fashion Week to gain insight on what it means to embrace YOU at any size, you should attend to this show to see something different in the fashion industry…





I can only tell you so much from my perspective, so it’s ultimately up to you to go see for yourself. Buy your tickets here at 1426 Fashion Week.







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