1426 Fashion Week: Boutique Owner Feature with Bella Brown Plus

Good evening everyone! So I know I haven’t posted as much this week, it’s been super crazy and I had to take some time away to get things “handled” (insert Olivia Pope’s voice lol).  Anyway, I have another feature for you all and she is the owner of Bella Brown Plus. I am especially excited about her showing her clothes during 1426 Fashion Week, because she has some pretty amazing stuff for the big gals!

Bella Brown

Bella Brown



Let’s get into the interview I had!


JB: I have to know, what inspired you to start selling plus size clothing? Was this something you always saw yourself doing?


BB: Currently, I am not designing, however, I may launch a design line in the near future. I am a Plus Boutique owner who specializes in Plus Size Sexy. I cater to the Plus Size Sexy Diva that has the confidence to take it outside of a thought or desire. I started Bella Brown Plus Boutique out of frustration. I knew what I wanted to look like in my clothes and I was not getting that  from the racks. So I went on the hunt for plus size sexy clothing. In my search I found clothing that made me look and feel amazing and I knew I had to share my findings with others who craved the same feeling in clothing, just in a larger than average size.


JB: How does your clothing line express who you are?


BB: The discovery was the confidence booster I needed, I found me; I found the look I wanted and found my style which created my brand Bella Brown Plus.


JB: What will be your involvement with 1426 Fashion Week?


BB: I will be showcasing fashions from my Plus Size Sexy Line, of Bella Brown Plus Boutique.


JB: What is your opinion of “Integrating the Runway”?


BB: My opinion of Integrating the Runway… Is simply that it’s ingenious! I wish someone would have come up with this idea 10 years ago… Linda Scott and 1426 Fashion Week is taking fashion to a higher level and market place. Allowing all body types, ages and social economic backgrounds on one stage is going to be explosive! For this instance alone, is why I am excited about being apart of 1426 Fashion Week.


JB: How long have you been in the fashion industry? Where do you see your designs in 10 years?


BB: Frankly speaking I have been in the fashion industry since I was 16. I was an international IS model. I moved into the plus sector in 2003. Ten years from now I hope to have retail stores in every major city and 7 countries , as well as my designs gracing stages across the globe. 


JB: Would you like to see your designs in a big retail store or keep them in a boutique style environment?


BB: I am definitely wanting to keep the boutique environment, I want to be able to provide personalized fittings and styling to my customers.


JB: What is your source of motivation to keep going in this growing fashion industry?


BB: My husband who wants to see me succeed, my mother who has prayed and supported me to no end, my children who encourage me to keep going even when it takes me away from them. My sister who is always there to lend a helping hand and my business mentor coach/Auntie, who keeps me on my toes in this industry.


JB: Lastly, what advice do you have for people trying to get into this industry?


BB: The best advice I can give to someone looking to enter this industry in any capacity is to Trust God… and then your vision. Invest in a coach, do the research and always operate with Balance… GOD first. FAMILY second and your BUSINESS third. In that order anyone can find success.



Here are more up close looks at Bella Brown Plus!



I love a cute, printed Midi- Dress!

I love a cute, printed Midi- Dress!


I love how she paired this dress with the blazer!

I love how she paired this dress with the blazer!




Who doesn't need a nude midi-dress? I do!

Who doesn’t need a nude midi-dress? I do!





This look just screams DIVA!

This look just screams DIVA!



Cute and Sexy Costume Look!

Cute and Sexy Costume Look!


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