1426 Fashion Week: Designer Feature with Norahs Khan

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope your week was productive and filled with positive energy! In today’s post, I have featured another 1426 designer who goes by the name Norahs Khan. Keep reading for more!


The Lovely Norahs Khan

The Lovely Norahs Khan



JB: I have to know, what inspired you to start designing? Was this something you always saw yourself doing?


NK: My Wearable Art Collection was born from my personal fashion journey. As I embraced my own authentic vibration, my wardrobe was part of my evolution.  I follow the daily direction of my spirit.

JB:  How does your clothing line express who you are?


NK: My fashion designs are rooted from a fusion of distinction, creativity, art and spirit.


JB: What will be your involvement with 1426 Fashion Week?


NK: I’ve been invited to 1426 Fashion Week by beautiful Linda Scott to showcase my Distinctive Wearable Art Designs, expand my wings and fly.

JB: What is your opinion of “integrating the runway”?


NK: Diversity is an awesome shade to the rainbow.


JB:  How long have you been in the fashion industry? Where do you see your designs in 10 years?


NK: When I think back on my interest in fashion, I would say I was influenced very early in my life by my maternal grandmother and my mother , they were always stylish and dressed me in beautiful crinoline dresses, matching ensembles, polished shoes.  I grew up knowing that fashion is a language and makes a statement about you. I see my designs evolving always, so I am sure in 10 years my designs will reflect my personal growth.


JB: Would you like to see your designs in a big retail store or keep them in a boutique style setting?


NK: My designs are currently in Densua’s African Treasures located in Macy’s, Greenbriar Mall, Atlanta, Ga., as well as other boutiques in Maryland, Atlanta area and expanding.

JB: What is your source of motivation to keep going in this growing fashion industry? 


NK: My motivation is simply my passion for the next artful creation to unfold and reveal itself.


JB: Lastly, what advice do you have for people trying to get into this industry?


NK: Advice is so very personal, every individual that embraces their own truth will be Divinely led. The people who can help you in whatever your path is, will appear at the right time. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”…


I must say after this interview, I felt great vibes coming from this designer and can’t wait to see what’s in store. Her calming nature and intuitive spirit about fashion was very intriguing! If you want to connect more with this designer, you can like her page at Distinctive Hand Designs By Norahs and see what designs you like.

I hope you all are enjoying my 1426 Fashion Week Designer Series, it has been an amazing and eye-opening journey learning about different designers around the country.


Here are more designs of Norahs Khan!



Norahs Khan with the one and only Linda Scott

Norahs Khan with the one and only Linda Scott

I love this!

I love this!

I really liked the simplicity of this dress and the color!

I really liked the simplicity of this dress and the color!



Thanks for reading! Have a great day!




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