1426 Fashion Week: Designer Feature with Takita Woodson

Good afternoon everyone! I have another 1426 Fashion Week Designer for you to check out! The designer is Takita Woodson, of Vixenz Designs and she is all about embracing those curves and being sexy, keep reading to find out more!


Vixenz Designs

Vixenz Designs

JB: I have to know, what inspired you to start designing? Was this something you always saw yourself doing?


TW: Yes I have always dreamed about designing clothing for plus size women. I am a plus size woman and I used to hate shopping because all the stores had the same items in the plus selection. Flower patterns and solid black! I was furious I wanted to be sexy too. I said one day I will design a brand strictly for plus size. This is my dream, I finally got the courage to express myself through my passion: FASHION


JB: How does your clothing line express who you are?


TW: Vixenz Designs is for plus women who are not afraid to be sexy. You have to have confidence in yourself and be fierce with it. This is exactly who I am. I am a sexy plus size woman with a lot of confidence and I’m ooh so fierce. Lol


JB: What will be your involvement with 1426 Fashion Week?


TW: I am bringing sexy, classy and a big bang to 1426 Fashion week


JB: What is your opinion of “integrating the runway”, meaning what do you think of showcasing all types of bodies on the runway?


TW: I love it. Why only showcase one size when the world is full of different sizes and beauty? I want to see people like me on the run way.


JB: How long have you been in the fashion industry? Where do you see your designs in 10 years?


TW: I am a fashion beginner. I am just popping out. I have been sketching my own designs for about 2-3 years, but never had the courage to try and do anything with them.


JB: Would you like to see your designs in a big retail store or keep them in a boutique style environment?


TW: Both! At this point I am not picky! I want everyone to get a taste of Vixenz Designs


JB: What is your source of motivation to keep going in this growing fashion industry?


TW: My family! My future!


JB: Lastly, what advice do you have for people trying to get into this industry?


TW:  My advice to all the new beginners like myself would be to stay focus and never let a negative person tell you, you can’t do it. If it is in God’s will then it’s already done. Push yourself to the limit. You be your cheerleader and your support system. Let no one and nothing stop you! Do a little research on your own. If you are not sure about what someone is telling you research it. Ask questions and Network, Network, Network!!


It was a pleasure interviewing Takita and I am very excited, especially since she’s an up and coming designer, can’t wait to see her designs at 1426 Fashion Week! Also check out her design process below.


Close up at her design process

Close up at her design process



Can't wait to see the turnout!

Can’t wait to see the turnout!




Loving the colors!



More of Takita's Designs

More of Takita’s Designs



Thanks everyone for reading, hope to see you at the show!





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