1426 Fashion Week: Designer Feature with Jay Jay Cornwall

Good afternoon everyone! I have another designer feature for you, this designer goes by the name Jay Jay Cornwall and will be showcasing her line during  1426 Fashion Week.

Jay Jay Cornwall in a black all lace ensemble

Jay Jay Cornwall in a black all lace ensemble

JB: I have to know, what inspired you to start designing? Was this something you always saw yourself doing?

JC: My love for art and fashion inspired me to start designing.. ever since I was a little girl I always loved fancy clothing, shoes and accessories… Growing up I tried my best to stick to fashion trends as the years go by.. Due to the art part I always had a knack for it.. drawing, mix and matching what can i say I was truly blessed with a God given talent that I choose to cherish for the rest of my life..

JB: How does your clothing line express who you are?
JC:Young, fun and hip

JB: What will be your involvement with 1426 Fashion Week?
JC:For the 1426 fashion week I will be showcasing a collection of highly, ready to wear clothing from my Fashion label “House of Ethel” named after my late grandmother…

JB: What is your opinion of “integrating the runway”, meaning what do you think of showcasing all types of bodies on the runway?

JC: I am definitely on for that… we are all human beings whether slim, slim thick, or plus sized and everyone is  beautiful no matter the shape, color or size.. so I believe that all types of bodies should be showcased on the runway.. “We are all one”

JB: How long have you been in the fashion industry? Where do you see Jay Jay De$ingn$ in 10 years?
JC: I am at the moment 22 years of age and I’ve been in the fashion industry for 3 years now.. 10 years from now hmm I can definitely see my fashion label going worldwide..

JB: Would you like to see your designs in a big retail store or keep them in a boutique style environment?
JC: I will prefer to keep them in boutique style stores.. in other words my aim is to have boutiques all over the world where people would be able to purchase stuff…

JB:  What is your source of motivation to keep going in this growing fashion industry?

JC: My source of motivation that’s keeps me going in this fashion industry is the high support from my family, friends and customers… They are truly the best.. And I thank them so so much..

JB:  Lastly, what advice do you have for people trying to get into this industry? 
JC: Pray, work hard, never give up and always keep a positive mind.. because even though you will have people who  support, you will be with  people who want to break you… Its not an easy road, but trust God and he’ll make it work..


Here are more designs from the fun and hip line of Jay Jay Cornwall!


This look will definitely turn heads!

This look will definitely turn heads!

JC3 jc4 jc5 jc6 jc7


I can definitely see myself in Jay Jay’s designs, they’re so much fun and work for well for women of all sizes! If you would like to connect with this designer yourself, check out her page and see what you like at Jay Jay De$igNS ! And also don’t forget to save the date for 1426 Fashion Week October 15-19! See you there!




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