Preparing for a Model Casting: 1426 Fashion Week Edition!

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone’s week has been great so far, it’s Friday! The weekend is here and we all have made it through another long work week, congrats to you!

Anyway, I have some great news for you all and hope that you take full advantage of it. Today’s topic of discussion is how to prepare for a model casting, especially since 1426 Fashion Week will be holding a casting August 3! Exciting, right?



What to Wear?

Now before you attend the model casting, you have to prepare yourself, and I am here to help you with that. Let’s first start on what you should wear. There is the thought that you are supposed to wear extravagant clothes to a model casting, adorned with all the jewelry and crazy hairstyles. That is NOT the case, in actuality agencies are looking for a blank canvas. If you want to successfully be casted in a fashion show or any other production, wearing a simple white shirt, blue jeans and heels is the BEST solution.

We all know you have incredible style, but when it comes to modeling, they are not focused as much on your personal style, the designer’s clothes are the main priority. Here is an example of a “Simple Model Cast Outfit”.


Model Cast Outfit

        The Breakdown

  • White Tank Top: gives a clean fresh look
  • Dark jeans: creates streamline silhouette
  • Tote bag: This is needed to hold your items needed for the day, especially if you have a full day of castings. As well you can hold your make-up bag for touch ups, some flat shoes in case you have to walk a distance, snacks, etc. (I always have to carry snacks, I can’t show up to these castings hungry and irritated!)
  • Portfolio: This is needed especially if you are meeting with agencies and want to show off your hard work, included in there should be your head shots and full body shots, you want to ensure that you book this casting.
  • Simple Earrings: I like dangle earrings, they are still simple and show a glimpse of what your personality is, studs and small hoops are appropriate too!

Now that we have an idea of what to wear we can explore other areas of importance; make-up, personality, punctuality, and YOUR WALK.


When going to a model/production casting, minimal make-up is the way to go, unless the agency says otherwise. I always like to play up my eyes by adding eyeliner and mascara. I keep my lips simple with a pale pink colors, I then add blush and a light layer of foundation. The designers want to see that they can create their vision on your face as well, so by adding tons of make-up they won’t be able to assess your best features and use them. From experience of wearing too much make-up, it all melted and morphed into this weird look on my face, thus making me insecure and not being as confident in myself. As well it helps if you take care of your face with washing it regularly and drinking water.


In today’s fashion world, being just “pretty” doesn’t cut it, models are becoming ambassadors for companies, owning businesses, and doing more than just walking the runway. In a sense you are a walking billboard and need to present yourself in a manner in which people want to book you so you can continuously have work. For me this was kind of hard to do, especially since I am generally shy and don’t speak first, but with constant practice and networking with people, it has helped me out a lot; I’m usually the first person to say hello or smile now!

Now if you’re the outgoing, bursting body of energy, you are pretty much what they look for in spokesperson modeling. When arriving at a casting, I found it to be helpful say hello or smile at everyone you come into contact with. People remember you, especially if you put effort into connecting with them. Also don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, give a firm hand shake and eye contact (not the crazy kind though.)



Timing is everything! If you know you have a long commute, plan ahead in what route you’re taking and  estimate how long it will take you to get there, nothing worse than showing up late to a casting. In general being on time is a virtue, so use this as practice to start being punctual. This is just like going on an interview and if the designer/agency sees that you are late or running late, they will most likely not book you for the job. If you have ever watched “America’s Next Top Model”, the models went on “Go Sees”, in which designers looked to see if they fit their company’s image and if you were late you would be disqualified. Arriving at least 15-20 minutes early is also a sign that you are serious and want this job, so just be on time!

Your Walk

Last and most importantly is your walk, although there is variety of walks, owning and perfecting your signature one is a must. Your personality and confidence plays a huge role in how strut your stuff, this is not the time to be timid and shy. What I do when I know I have to walk, is tap into my alter ego, or pretend there is no one else in the room but you. Practice, practice, practice! If you know the date of the model casting, you should be using every minute to work and perfect it, that will be one of the requirements agencies judge you on. Also please break in your shoes! Find some that are comfortable for you and fit the requirement of the casting.

So that’s the basics of preparing for a model casting, I hope this helped and if you have any other rituals or methods you believe in, I want to hear them!

Have a great weekend lovelies!




5 thoughts on “Preparing for a Model Casting: 1426 Fashion Week Edition!

  1. This was a great articles preparing models for a casting. A casting is like a interview in the beauty world. I work as a makeup artist and simplicity is always the best when casting for agencies, and more.


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