True Life: I Procrastinate…A lot!



The above picture is currently my life right now, although it seems funny, my procrastination levels have severely altered my path in life and I am at the point of “jeopardizing my future”. This post isn’t my usual fashion or style captures, but to be honest with everyone and myself about how my much procrastination has  ruined many aspects of my life. This is NOT to discourage you at all but to hopefully bring us in harmony of getting our sh** together!

The 20s Blues:

So I just turned 22 and I am all over the place with my life; dating, work, school, health, finances, and my spirituality. I feel that these facets of my life are not in tune and that I’m constantly fishing for stability in everything. Unfortunately there isn’t just one manual to tell me all the answers to this beautiful journey, called life. As well, I’m constantly questioning if I’m supposed to be doing what I’m supposed to do in regards to school and my career. You set your mind on your passion (writing, designing, etc.) and then something else comes along to change that. That’s where I’m at now in life; I’m searching for that specific task , that will bring me fulfillment and purpose.

Well being in my 20s has so far taught me that there is uncertainty and adventure around every corner, that’s a scary thought! But I am slowly coming to terms in embracing this phase of my life and trying my hardest to live my life fully. Sometimes I also wonder if I should go with the crowd and settle for life, with not taking risks and living a zest-less life. Who am I kidding though, that’s NOT me!

The Procrastination Struggle:

With this topsy-turvy phase of my life, I have developed the trait of full-blown procrastination. This isn’t something I am proud of, but I know I can find a way to get out of this rut, that’s why I’m sharing this with you all! Since starting college I had this goal to finish in 4 years and go straight to my amazing fashion career, but oh did life say “Hell no! I’ve got other plans for you!”. I am still in college and I guess considered a 5th year senior because of my poor decision-making and not putting enough effort into my education. Dealing with this struggle of constantly putting things off until the last-minute has given me nothing but anxiety and elevated my stress. I don’t understand why I keep pushing the limits and not giving myself enough time accomplish my goals. I am honestly envious of those special people who plan everything out and get sh** done, how can I join the club?(seriously though)

So, at this point in my life, I have to make the decision to overcome this struggle, it’s psychologically effecting the progress of my life. I want to be more consistent and complete projects that I started, I don’t want to be that person who people can’t depend on. As I get older, life gets more complicated, so I want to be ready for anything, not put it off…

This is where I come to all and ask, how do you get sh** done in an appropriate amount of time? What are your quirky secrets to accomplishing your goals? (I know you have some).


I hope that through this post, we can identify with each other and that you see me as an honest blogger and more importantly, a human being. I’m going to embrace this phase of my life and hope that you do the same, wherever you are.




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