Tapping into Your Hustle

 “Everyone’s definition of a hustler can vary from time to time. The way people see a hustler and the way the hustler sees himself are most likely two different things. Some forget that in this competitive world we live in, if you don’t have the hustler mentality within you it is very hard to separate yourself from the stragglers and get ahead. As the saying goes “You can’t knock the hustle” and you truly can’t knock hustler down.”

                                                                        – Preston Waters, “The Art of The Hustler”

Work Attire

I roll over in my bed to see that my clock says 7:30 a.m., “Time to get movin’”, I think to myself. As I shuffle my feet across the carpet floor, my mind slowly comes together of what’s ahead of me today; prayer, workout, eat breakfast, get dressed, go to work (don’t be late!), attend two meetings after work, go home, cook dinner, eat dinner, study and maybe go to bed at a decent hour. I nod to myself in agreement that this is what I’m supposed to do today, all of these things…

As I’m brushing my teeth in a rhythmic motion, a random thought pops up in my mind; “Jasmine, you do too much. You always have a lot on your plate. When will you take a break?” Breaks? What are those haha? A few people have asked me why I do so much, and all I could really think to say was that I’m a hustler. I see better for my life and I am driven daily to work up to that standard I have set for myself. No one gives  me anything, I work, research and study for the things that I want. Some of my endeavors have worked and some haven’t, but I still keep moving forward.

Continuing to finish my hair and washing my face, I decided I was going to dress presentable today. I was going to show up looking ready, even though I was still tired and my thoughts were running in every direction. I decided that Monday wouldn’t be a drag and if it was, I was going to look damn good. Skinny black pants that fit just right, gave me that extra boost I needed to make it through today. Not to mention the other aspects of my outfit lifted me up higher: a classic white button down (you all know those are my favorite) tucked in neatly to my pants, and then I added my favorite emerald-green sweater to make the outfit pop. I was already in my “hustler” mode, ready for anything, my mind was made up that today would be productive and positive. Last pieces to my ensemble, was this silver statement necklace given to me by a friend and my burgundy ballerina flats. I opted for heels at first, but my feet said no. Anyway I was completely dressed to the nines. Everything fit right, make up was fresh and professional, and I felt amazing putting effort into my look, I was ready for my day ahead. I then grabbed my favorite black work tote and walked confidently out of the door into my world…

Work Attire

In that hour of getting dressed for work, I realized that I embodied the “hustle” mentality; that this is who I am today, tomorrow and forever.  I will not conform my way of living and thinking to please anyone ever again, it has only brought me down the value of my potential. I’ve decided that this life of mine is precious and that I am here to achieve something greater than me.

I want to encourage whoever is reading this to practice hustling. What I mean by that, is to practice going after what you want, daily without any reservation. Sure there are ample opportunities in the world, but it’s up to YOU to go after it and sustain that ambition. Hustlers don’t just sit around waiting for something to happen; by that time they have already connected with several people, researched the information they needed and are already in route to accomplishing their goals.


Don’t Sit. Get up and put on your best outfit.

– With Love, Jazz


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