Oh No! Chub Rub!

Chub Rub Humor

As a “blessed” woman in the thigh area, I have found it to be a love/hate relationship with my thighs. Why ? You ask, well I have the infamous “Chub Rub”. Which means that my thighs, no matter what season, sweat and get uncomfortable when walking, running, etc. This topic can be candid, because people don’t really talk about it, but there needs to be something said, especially for those people not blessed with the lovely “thigh gap”.

*Side Note: What’s the big obsession with having a –Cosmopolitan’s “Why the Thigh Gap Obsession needs to Stop”-   thigh gap??? I honestly never understood what the big shabang was. What will happen if you achieve “the thigh” gap? Someone tell me!

Ok, back to my rant about “Chub Rub”, it mainly happens to me when I wear skirts and shorts, making for a recipe of a hot disaster (and I mean HOT DISASTER). My thighs rub together creating heat and eventually sweat and if I’m out and about for a while, I get irritation and heat bumps in my inner thigh area. Now I know this sounds a little risqué for most people, but it’s a part of being a woman with big thighs, and I just want to help someone who might be experiencing the same thing I go through.

Now don’t think there aren’t ways to fix this issue, because there is! And no, this method does not involve surgery or some crazy machine dealing with thigh gaps, let’s leave that idea in the trash, where it belongs!

Let’s Fix that Chub Rub!

What I like to do after I shower, is first make sure that I am completely dry especially in my inner thigh area. After relaxing and drying off, (use this time to grab a glass of wine and  some strawberries, creates a relaxing mood) apply two simple products you already have in your medicine cabinet: Deodorant and Baby Powder.

Yes, I know you were expecting some amazing “thigh-be-gone” product but no, not here, I keep it real simple because my skin in that area is sensitive.  What I personally use is “Secret Deodorant, pH Balanced” and “Silky Underwear Dusting Powder” from Lush. These two products together create a smooth and fresh feeling on my inner thighs, and also  a self-cooling system down there, making my irritation go down and probably yours too. I know whenever I get chafing in my inner thighs, it creates an almost unbearable experience; I can barely walk and usually end up with scars, OUCH! Who wants that???

This may even be a long shot, but if you have a significant other, make applying these products fun and sexy, only if you’re comfortable with it of course! Have your partner seductively rub and massage those inner thighs and BAM! You are one turned on and comfortable person; no chafing thighs will probably lead into some amazing situations. (I’ll let your imagination run with that thought).

What Makes these Products so Special?

So you’re probably thinking, “What? Rub deodorant on your thighs?” Yes, it’s a miracle worker especially when the weather starts getting hot. You’ll thank me later! Of course you don’t have to use my deodorant, use what you already have or you might encounter more irritation if you switch deodorants. As for the dusting powder, it was a gift from my aunt and Lush products are kind of pricy, but so worth the purchase! Actually it was only $7.95 online! This dusting powder that I have is completely Vegan and made in a 100% recycled bottle. As well it’s a ” light Jasmine-scented powder with cocoa butter” that will leave your skin soft, smooth and as the bottle says “seriously sexy”. 

*insert sexy smirk*

So yea, why in heaven’s name wouldn’t you want this powder? It’s handmade, good for the environment and good for your body. When I use these products I honestly feel so much better about my thighs, because when it gets hot, I get hot, and when I’m hot, I’m, well a bitch  and no one needs to see that, haha.

"Silky Underwear Dusting Powder from Lush

Prepare Yourself!

The deodorant method I found was about 8 months ago on Tumblr, so I’ve been using it ever since. It’s definitely ideal to use this method for the upcoming swim suit, dress and short season so that’s one less thing to worry about.  I mean just because you have luscious thighs doesn’t mean you have to keep them covered, they need that fresh and breezy summer air, so show those thighs off baby!

"Secret pH Balanced Deodorant"

Being blessed with bountiful curves and thighs has its ups and downs, so it’s important that the thick thigh community help each other out with these little nuances. Hope this helped, and if you have other ideas to prevent “Chub Rub”, tell me, comment below, whatever it takes, just let me know!

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3 thoughts on “Oh No! Chub Rub!

  1. I use Bandelettes. I had just got to a point that I hated worrying about having creams or deodorants to be sure I had something to keep my thighs from chafing. Since finding these little miracles I have not had any issues with chafing. I can now wear shorts, skirts, and dresses without any worries. http://www.bandelettes.com


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