"Classic Funk"

Enamored. Completely invested in myself and loving every inch of my body. Doing this shoot allowed me to tap into my inner “Diva”, but come to think of it I think I’ve always had this Diva attitude, it just took some growing up and living life, to see it come into fruition. I was that quiet, shy, head-in-a-book girl, and I still am… But I have levels now, levels in which I am 100% into dressing the state of my body now.

Classc Funk

This particular outfit is a part my classic/funk style, which embraces some classic pieces (The White Button Down) yet adds a twist of funk (My Head wrap and Platform shoes). You will definitely get all the looks in this style. And here is where I encourage you, at any size, to embrace and celebrate your body. Take a good look at who you are now and remember the levels you have gained in life (new jobs, weight gain/loss, new relationship, etc.). Use these moments in life to embrace your amazing style and show yourself some love; damn it you deserve it.


At this point in my life, I am in love with what my body has become and what it has endured. My body has been through some amazing and crazy things, but it’s still here and more beautiful than ever, this is why I chose this specific style to show it off. What I’m doing here, is promoting self-love and body acceptance. Life is too precious and amazing to live it shaming that beautiful, immaculate structure; your body.

I leave you with this: Love who you are now, it will lead into a better life experience for you later.


Outfit Details:

The White Button Down- Value Village Thrift Store

Blue Jeans- Forever 21

Platform Shoes- Forever 21

Head Wrap- The Ultimate Dressing Room

Make Up- Gia Antoinette

Photographer- Kahiah Polidore


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