“Doctors on the Runway”- Cynique Evoule Fashion Show


The Houston edition of the Cynique Evoule Fashion Series, was titled: “Doctors on the Runway” because the models were Houston’s finest in the medical field. It was a night full of Fashion, Fierceness and Flair as the ladies strutted their confidence on the runway. The show also included a designer spotlight on Lisa Ree, who showcased glamorous evening wear. The prominent colors of the evening were Royal Blue, Gold and Black.  Cache presented looks from their Spring ’14 “Spring Brings Ravishing New Florals” line. It was a fresh take on entering the Spring season and they are definitely a brand not to forget.


I also appreciated the diversity of the models in size, height and ethnicity. Both designers catered to “the everyday woman” and turned her into the glam girl for the night! It was exciting to see  all the bright colors, floral prints and feel the energy throughout the show.


The main focus of the event was on the doctors. They were able to showcase their individual styles beyond that of wearing scrubs. This was great to see, as the women looked and exuded confidence.  I was able to obtain feedback from the coordinator of the show, Bridgett S. Joe, w/ S. Charles Public Relations, on the inspiration for the show. She said, “As you know most doctors have a very busy schedule. Most of the time, there is very little room for them to dress up and look fabulous! Cynique Evoule saw Doctors on the Runway as a unique and innovative way to give back to the community by raising funds for Children’s Hospital. Taking doctors out of their element of medicine and into the world of fashion would give them a chance to embrace their stylish side and come out of their shell while giving back.


That definitely sounds like a great reason to be on the runway and both parties won that night; the Doctors and Children’s Hospital. Overall the experience was wonderful; there were positive vibes and good energy that could be felt throughout the room and all for a good cause!


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