We still need Representation

 “Even ‘Plus-Size’ Models Are Smaller Than Their Target Demographic”… There is validity in this statement, plus size women are still underrepresented, as there is a certain look to represent what we look like. In recent times, the fashion industry has become more diverse in regards to plus size women. We do see average sized women strutting down the runways, looking fabulous in photo shoots, etc. But what about those women, who aren’t averaged sized and who are not being represented well in society? Where are they? I rarely see the women like me being represented fully in the fashion industry and that needs to change. I am referring to the women who don’t have those flat stomachs, toned legs, standing 5’8 or has the smoothest skin. When I open a magazine or watch a fashion show, I want to see women with rolls, big butts, hips, and cellulite also strut their stuff too. There is an “acceptable” factor for being plus size; you have to be at least 5’7, preferably have a flat stomach and “look healthy”. It’s still unfortunate to have these restrictions on what plus size women look like, but the beauty in this issue is that we come in a variety of sizes, shapes and heights, and that needs to be appropriately represented.

On a more positive note, the plus size fashion industry has improved greatly! There are blogs, magazine publications, etc. that are dedicated to literally taking the fashion world in our hands, it has motivated me to do the same. We are a force to be reckoned with and we will be represented!

Have a great day!



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