Working towards your Dreams

These past couple of months I have been at battle with myself and reaching goals, dreams, etc. I have so many things in life that I want to accomplish, but I have no idea where to start. Disclaimer: This isn’t your cookie-cutter-motivational-post, I am here to tell you that any goal that you have and want to accomplish will take time and probably hurt along the way. Right now I am in the process of trying to get my styling business up and getting my financial life together. There are some struggles along the way, but I am having to find strength in close friends, family and my spirituality. I see my dreams coming true and it’s slowly happening, things are taking place in my life that I never dreamed of. But anyway for those of you out there wanting to reach goals, keep going even though you are not where you want to be, vent to someone your frustrations and keep that goal in mind. You’re almost there!


2 thoughts on “Working towards your Dreams

  1. Dont give up mama. I’m in the same boat. Been working this dream of my own biz for the last 3 1/2 years. I finally got to the place where im less than a year from idea to realization. There have been many stumblingblock, mainly my impatience, but its almost done. Keep doing what you’re doing, god didn’t bring you this far….I’m praying for you.


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