Time to stop feeling Bad

Ok, time to share some personal stuff with yall, lately I’ve been thinking about my career options and how I want to live my life. I work in a retail environment and I have only been there for 3 months. I’m not exactly too excited to work there as this is my major in college. Now don’t get me wrong, I am 100% sure I chose the right major, it’s just the career options I’m finding difficult to fit what I need. I feel like I have to sort of invent my own career and my work environment, which leads me to want to become a stylist and a designer for plus size women. I have this strong urge and passion to do these things and have had countless dreams seeing myself in action. And I honestly have come to terms that I have to be my own boss, because answering to someone else about my job/career is not in my DNA. I like making the decisions and being in charge of my own money and my own decisions. I thought I’d be able to see myself in the corporate world but I have to build my own empire, some way…I want to start a styling consultant business and help men and women feel good about themselves. That’s my goal for 2014. I’m sick of working for other people, there are people my age and younger than me doing the things I want to do, and why can’t I do these things? I have the mindset, the talent, the determination, skills (needing to improve) and drive to get this thing going.

Now yes this is a risk, but I am willing to take the risks and step out on faith, because I know in my heart that I am supposed to do this. As well I am going to look for another retail job to that allows me to have creative freedoms, because I still need to make money (haha, I’m taking a risk but I’m not that crazy). So all in all, I am officially calling myself a business woman and will have this stylist consultant business up and running in due time! God bless!


NYE Glam: Dresses

NYE Glam: Dresses

Sequin dress

Jane Norman pink dress
$20 – janenorman.co.uk

Club L short dress
$54 – nelly.com

River Island kohl shoes
$98 – nelly.com

Coast envelope clutch
$31 – coast-stores.com

Syna onyx earrings

Gold filled earrings

Tory Burch ring
$105 – theoutnet.com

Gold necklace

Raxevsky bracelet bangle
$23 – pret-a-beaute.com

Blogging in 2014 Just Got Easier: Introducing 365 Days of Writing Prompts

Can’t wait for this!

The Daily Post

Do your New Year’s resolutions include blogging more frequently? We sure hope so.

Are you the ebookish type?

Here at The Daily Post, we’re all about helping you make a regular habit of publishing on your blog (The Daily Post: see what we did there?). To get everyone all geared up for a productive 2014, we’re excited to launch our very first ebook today: 365 Days of Writing Prompts!

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The Untouched

Reading this article, I realized more that plus size women are definitely overlooked when it comes to fashion. As well it just shows how society views men and women who are heavier, and that we are not as valued in the business segment of fashion. Why is that though? Who wouldn’t want to make money in an untouched segment? Why is there such negative connotations with being plus size? Although the plus size fashion market is growing, it’s NOT where it needs to be. There are women out there longing to be able to wear fashionable clothes while still loving their bodies and celebrating who they are. That’s what the foundation of any clothing line should be-celebrating who you are. And if you’re a business person, getting into fashion, this is an area in which you should pay special attention to. Help women, especially plus size women celebrate everything about them on their bodies!

“En Route to NYC”

I recently visited New York and truly enjoyed my time there! If I were to go again (which will happen) I’d wear something like this!
Outfit Detail:
-Grey Brooklyn Tee
-Black Skinnies
-Black Shawl Kimono
-Black & Gold booties
-Black Prada Carry on tote
-Gold Watch
-Brown leather weekend duffle bag

“Le Turn Up”

This fit is perfect for an early “turn up”, catching lunch with friends and ending your night with drinks and good vibes.
Outfit Details:
-Bejeweled Black Mesh Crop Top
-Tan Cargo Pants
-Mint “Strappies” (Heels)
-Blue Envelope Clutch
-Cat Eye “Sunnies”
-Skull earring studs and Gold Cuff
-Simple Eye makeup and a dramatic burgundy lip